It has remained for the Prineville Review to cast a slur upon Mrs. Groesbeck — or attempt to do so. In all her unpleasant matrimonial experiences, with its many acts of foolishness on both sides, there has been no taint on the character of Mrs. Groesbeck. Her husband never in his more violent mood charged her with unfaithfulness. Nor was any such complaint made against him. When the Review intimates that it has a letter making such charges of either side of the Groesbeck difficulty “written by a man of good breeding and education” it simply lies.

We imagine if Gerald Groesbeck were in the country the Review would soon have cause to regret its slimy sayings, for, erratic as he was, he had a sense of decency that would defend the fair name of his wife, though they could not agree on important matters. In this wanton and pusillanimous attack upon an absent, innocent and defenseless woman, the Review is living up to its traditions. What a fine exhibition of large-minded manliness it is!


Bend is coming to be quite a distributing point for postal matter. In the past four months two post offices have been established that are served from here — Tumalo and Laidlaw — and there is prospect that another will be established about 16 miles southeasterly where quite a settlement is growing up on “ditch” lands. And Bend itself had no postoffice a year ago.


As homes along the river increase in number, complaints are more numerous of violations of the law against pollution of streams from which water for domestic purposes is taken.

Several sections of state law bear on this subject....Section 2133 provides a penalty for any person who shall put, or the owner or owners who shall knowingly permit, “any part of the carcass of any dead animal into any river, pond, road, street, alley, lane, lot, field, meadow or common,” etc. Justices of the peace have jurisdiction of these offenses. The heaviest penalty is a $50 fine and 25 days imprisonment. The remedy for violation of these laws is easily with the reach of any citizen who may have knowledge of them. As yet the city ordinances do not cover this subject.

Editor’s note: The following historical editorials originally printed in what was then called The Bend Bulletin on Feb. 10, 1905.

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