The result of the late primary election in the main seems to have been satisfactory to the people of the state but they have had to pay roundly for the privilege of nominating the candidate of their choice.

In Multnomah County each vote cost the tax payers 50 cents and in some of the outside counties the cost was as high as $1 for each cast. Experience shows that the primary is more expensive that the election. In as much as there is no limit to the number of candidates that can seek office at the primary and as that number is limited at the election, much more time will be consumed in counting votes cast as the former than at the latter with a corresponding increase in cost.

Doubtless after the novelty wears away fewer candidates will seek nomination at the primary but there will always be plenty of public spirited citizens who believe that the people want them and who are willing to sacrifice themselves and incidentally to swell the cost of primary elections.

The cost to candidates seems much greater than under the convention system. Bourne, the successful candidate for senator, paid out over $12,000 for postage alone; his expenditure for printing and newspaper advertising, which is now apparently the chief expenditure for candidates, must have been several times that amount. It is said that an unsuccessful candidate for a state office paid out $24,000 while the man who received the nomination got off with $10,000.

These sums are out of all reason and are prohibitive to any man of moderate means who aspires to higher office....

Editor’s note: The following historical editorial originally appeared in what was then called The Bend Bulletin on May 11, 1906.

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