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We have witnessed and experienced a lot in the last year, as individuals and as a country.

However, the capitulation and implosion of the Republican Party may be the most shocking. The Grand Old Party, which once championed global influence based on principles and global trade, has become a Group of Patsies wallowing in self-delusion, fearful of shining the light of truth, and idolatry.

The party, in my lifetime, faced down the tyranny of Soviet Russia but now embraces its own form of tyranny, race-based caste system and isolation. It is a party that advocates hiding behind walls rather than tearing walls down.

The party, which once proudly advocated for fact-based decision making, is now advocating hiding from the investigation of the Jan . 6 insurrection. Burying their collective head in the sand trying to make believe it did not happen. That a mob, flying the flags of a corrupt defeated dictatorship, the flag of racism and slavery, and those of idol worship, did not attack the Capitol, did not assault Capitol Police and the foundations of our Constitution.

Nope, didn’t happen. It is fake news and was a group of peaceful, law-abiding citizens exercising their freedom of speech and having a “tour of the Capitol.” Denial does not mean it did not happen. Denial does mean it will happen again. How many members of Congress will stand up for the Constitution and this country and try to determine what happened on the days before and after Jan . 6.

And how many will prove they are panderers and patsies only vying for votes from those who are too afraid to seek truth?

What are we afraid of? As we consciously and unconsciously practice our unique form of race-based caste system. What are we afraid of? Are we afraid of losing some of our race-based privileges? Are we afraid of equal rights, equal treatment and equal access? Are we afraid, that on any given level playing field, we can no longer compete? That maybe, just maybe there are those who are better who have never had a chance to show just how good they are? If we consider ourselves a team, TEAM USA is failing. It is failing to play the best the players or even to let them try out for the team. We must look forward and recognize everyone has more talents and more to offer. Exclusion based on race, gender, creed, orientation, nationality, education or anything else succeeds in maintaining a false-based caste system and inhibits all of us from moving forward toward greater goals. It succeeds in allowing those who strive to see us fail drive wedges of misinformation into the fabric of our nation.

The principles of fiscal discipline, personal responsibility and accountability, global leadership and trade, and social compassion have been cast aside. Cast aside for denial, scapegoating, isolation and radical racial divide. The Republican Party I was a part of for more than half a century has been displaced by a cult, worshiping a demigod in the hopes of maintaining a failing direction and whose leaders care more about being reelected than taking a stand for the principles of the country.

The party was bigger than one person and now is as small, and as shallow, as one. The party, whose leaders once stood in defiance of tyrants and dictators now embrace them rather than standing for freedom, truth and democracy. The idea of “truth will set you free ” can only come to reality if we actually seek the truth. #NeverFeartheDream

William Barron lives in Bend.

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Sure the Republican party has some serious issues, but not the ones listed by this author. They aren't advocating for a racial caste system, but the Democrats are to the extent they support critical race "theory", which has never been debated and the purported social scientific research they generally publish is not even considered science. The "scientific" journals will publish complete rubbish if it has the correct key words, for example, dog sex culture in Portland Oregon parks. The was an intentionally contrived paper that somehow managed to observe thousands of interactions of dog copulation in order to make suggestions how to treat men and if I recall correctly, recommended treating men like dogs, which if you have missed the point is complete satire, but won an award for serious science.

If we are going to get back to functional politics, lets first try not demonizing the other side with exaggeration. Otherwise, it's not going to be just fear infusing politics that I am concerned about. Psychologically, we need the other side to balance our negative tendencies, and right now the middle ground seems to be the battle ground, not the fringes.


Another blivet sounding like reasonable discourse. As an ex Republican myself he couldn't have spoken truer words.

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