On Nov. 8, we will make an important decision about the future we want to build together for Central Oregon. My name is Emerson Levy, and I am asking for your vote to represent Central Oregon in the state Legislature. My opponent and I offer very different visions for this community’s future. I would like to lay out my vision for you here.

When I was growing up, my family struggled. Like many American families, we didn’t have enough money or support, and there were times when it felt helpless. My parents didn’t have access to the health care they needed. I know now that bad public policy played a part in our struggles. Our community was without strong advocates and voices demanding for better things. As a kid, I knew that I couldn’t give up, that better days lay ahead.

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Emerson Levy is an attorney, lives in Bend and is the Democratic candidate for state representative, District 53.

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Please support Emerson Levy for State House 53. She has already written a law, Alyssa’s Law which is ready to be introduced on day 1 and will provide needed safety to children in school. She’s a lawyer, a mom and a dedicated member of our community, a public servant, not a politician, who believes in science to inform her decisions. She will be an intelligent and true reflection of Central Oregon in Salem. Her opponent is an election denier and extremist, masquerading in his Happoween costume, as a moderate. Don’t believe it.


I prefer Emerson Levy because she’s qualified. I don’t consider Sipe’s pyramid scheme business to be an asset. And I prefer my politicians separate church and state.

“ Sipe is also chair of 10x Catalyst Groups, which is a Christian-focused networking group for CEOs and business owners. Previously, Sipe was the regional vice president of American Communications Network Inc., a multilevel marketing telecommunications company, which is the subject of a federal lawsuit.”


Really scary someone who is involved with Christian groups instead of the terrorists from blm that attack innocent businessess.


You repeat the same liberal talking points like other liberals. The same liberals who have controlled the Oregon legislature and Governors office that have made Oregon the highest tax state, the lowest education state with your bad liberal bills forced on everyone. Oregon needs balance not more liberals.

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