Trump refers to “The Silent Majority” which I must have been part of because I was silent when a Republican got elected that I didn’t feel would do a good job for the people but I accepted it was what the majority wanted. I was silent till Trump got the nomination and I heard the tape of “Access Hollywood.” My granddaughter is a writer and wants to write a book titled “Trump Made My Grandmother An Activist.” No one has been elected who was so unqualified, unfit mentally, racist, egotistical — everything is all about him and for the benefit of him and his family, the list goes on and will go down in history as the worst president ever.

Instead of giving the typical celebration speech to united our country given by previous presidents on the Fourth of July, Trump gave two speech that divided the country even more.

Trump’s speech at Mt. Rushmore where he referred to “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history” by the left, which was a comment not to make as he stood on sacred Native American ground when he was forgetting about the merciless campaign to wipe out the Native Americans. Much like the last racist, yellow hair that came west to conquer the Native Americans and we all remember how that went. He went on “defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children” — what about his heroes’ treatment of Native Americans so did he choose Mt. Rushmore to rub their noses in it? Trump acts like the immigrant Europeans own this country, but they put Native American children in boarding schools to indoctrinate them and forced them to learn English.

He mentioned when Columbus discovered America but forgot that the Native Americans were already here, the true first Americans, they innocently greeted the immigrants and proved them with the First Thanksgiving. Just like we innocently let Trump have 3 1/2 years! I’ve always been proud of my Native American heritage, and Trump has made me more anti-racist and I hope I live to see the Crazy Horse monument completed because he’s one of my heroes, a Native American protecting HIS country and his people. He said “he would not be intimated by bad evil people” talking about the protesters. They are protesting to protect our rights and freedom of speech. Trump is the bad person in all of this and pushed the protesters by force just to do a photo op with the Bible upside down because it looked like the first time he ever held one. We will join Black Americans and vote him out!

Trump has claimed himself as a “war time president” because of the virus while losing that war as the cases are skyrocketing in many states. He’s handled the virus so poorly that he has cost more American lives than actual wars. He is still claiming that “the virus will disappear.” He’s telling “his people” to slow down testing because it makes him look bad when what makes him look bad is every time he opens his mouth. Now he’s trying to act like a Confederate general by protecting the statues of people who fought to keep slavery, which once again proves how racist he is and keeps the culture wars going.

Beyonce summed it up by saying “Vote like our life depends on it, because it does.” We need a real president, not a reality TV president in office to help contain the virus and save lives. Get out and vote him out in November!

Sue Ooten lives in Madras.

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