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Ms. Josie Stanfield has had her life threatened because she’s chosen not only to speak out about her life growing up in Prineville, but to organize peaceful protests in her own community, as some in that community have asked “why Prineville?”

Apparently, her life experience there has involved some incidents of prejudice, bias and racism, which basically makes it no different than any other place in America, so “why not Prineville?”

I understand the concern by some citizens, watching a few of the protests around the country turn violent, but is that our community, is that what we endorse, is that what we embrace in Central Oregon?

I believe not, so why the counterprotest, whose counterprotesters feel the need to show up as though they’re going to war? Wannabes whose only way to express themselves is to be fully geared up, sidearms, long rifles, where’s the enemy, your neighbor? And what are you counter protesting?

It’s OK to keep your knee in the neck of a man for 8:46 while he’s pleading for his life, pleading for his dead mother, is that what you’re for? It’s OK to shoot a man twice in the back as he’s running away, that’s what you’re standing up for? Or maybe it’s the many other instances of racial violence perpetrated against people of color by the very people sworn to protect them?

We’ve seen this happen throughout our nation’s history, we’ve turned a blind eye to the people whose backs have helped build this great nation, a blind eye to the injustice served to a group of American citizens born into an inherent racial bias, grown into the fabric in which a certain group is blanketed, grown into economic disparity and hardship, due simply because their skin is not white. Ridiculous, if it were the other way around, they’d be out in the streets protesting, as well, so what are you for/against? This country moves forward, at times taking longer than it should to make needed and necessary changes for the betterment of all, and there has always been some resistant to make changes, stuck in the ways of their parents and grandparents, never able to change their mind, make their own choice. We never go backwards.

So that’s why millions around this country and around the world have taken to the streets, even in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century, to make their voices heard, to show that the people are insisting on change, not platitudes, to ways of handling these situations which seem to continue happening time and time again. We’ll get it right, but as most times, it may take a while for some minds to rethink ingrained behaviors and attitudes, and make the changes to benefit us all.

David Giordanengo lives in Bend.

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Do we have here an example of the tactic of “accuse the other side of that which you are guilty”? Ms. Josie Stanfield, according to a commenter on an article by Pamplin Media Group, has falsely claimed Prineville had racist Sunset Laws publicly. To make such an blanket, false accusation based on race is indeed the definition of racism. False accusations are indeed harmful. If she indeed made such a false accusation, is it not easy to understand that people are offended? If not, then perhaps the author needs to reconsider their own ingrained attitude and change for the benefit of us all. Might this undercut her credibility about her accusations of injustice? Has she filed an official complaint with the police about the threat to her life? If she hasn’t, why not - fear of the police?

She can’t fear the police too much, as she asked Chief Cummins to kneel for her (Larry Elder on whites kneeling). That is absolutely abhorrent, to suggest someone should bow to another simply based on race. To reiterate, a “woman of color” asked the Prineville chief of police to kneel, because he is white. That strongly suggests ulterior motive, beyond seeking justice. This is seeking to establish a hierarchy based on skin tone and should be unequivocally rejected by all who are against racism. To those who are seeking true justice, they should unequivocally condemn her for such blatant racism.

Of course injustice should not be tolerated. But neither should false accusations of injustice without substance to back them up. Prineville citizens are being given the blanket indictment of being racist without any evidence - why should they accept this? BLM/COBLA protest “racism” without any evidence whatsoever. The leader of COBLA mentioned somewhere, on video, he didn’t have any evidence of statistics showing police were targeting minorities in Prineville, and admitted he wouldn’t be able to understand the information if given to him. Again, there are no statistics or evidence available showing “systemic racism” from any source at this point according to the COBLA leader. At which time credible evidence can be shown, then protest. It is everyone’s right to protest, but how exactly is this going to challenge the “evil citizens” of Prineville when done in a disrespectful way?

The protestors are being indiscriminate with their blanket accusations of “Prineville is racist”. So everyone in town is now a racist, guilt by association, because of the actions of perhaps a tiny minority of people at some time in the past. I’m sure racism occurs at the individual level, but according to many in the BLM/COBLA movement, people who are white are inherently racist, even if they don’t know it and the charge of racism can be leveled based on the -- subjective feelings -- of the listener. Whites are all guilty by association because of past events, not matter how distant or irrelevant, and this racism can never be absolved. WHITE=RACIST. This gives total authority, to those who wish to wield the power of victimhood, to level the accusation of racism because a speaker is white and the listener gets to make the determination. This is the main injustice I see going on currently - accuse the other side of that which you are guilty of in order to confuse them - and then gas light.

Essentially what is happening across the nation is the blanket, inescapable veiled accusation by a group of people, including BLM and various virtue signaling people who are white, that people who are white are guilty of racism as a class -- this is the definition of racism and is completely hypocritical. They then gas light and deny it openly but the insinuations are clear. What are the implications of the phrases “white privilege” and “white fragility”? If you are white, you are guilty of racism and it is just a matter of whether or not you openly admit it or not. It’s kind of like asking, “So, have you stopped beating your wife”? Those who admit their inherent racism are bad, but not as bad as those who don’t admit their “racism”, who are supposedly twice as bad.

That all said, the counterprotestors should have just stayed home, as showing up as they did only bolsters the false accusations. The BLM/COBLA protestors needed them to show up to make their point. Prineville residents would have sent a stronger message of repudiation by just staying home. But again, everyone has a right to protest and Prineville residents are understandably upset about the serious, yet unsubstantiated accusations of being racist. Being angry about being falsely accused doesn’t prove they are racist. But the optics they provided only furthered the cause of the protestors.

The phenomenon of protests we are now seeing isn’t about white against black racism. It’s about a small group of “people of color” and white, virtue signalling sycophants. The calls to defund police; phrases such as: white privilege, white fragility; diversity, inclusion, equity (DIE); CHAZ, racial equity can be summarized as the transfer of power by policy, institution and structure to those with darker skin tones based completely on subjective complaints, feelings and perceptions. They have not objectivity shown anything they are complaining of and “deflect” when asked specific questions, by accusing others who question of deflecting. Again, they accuse others of what they are guilty of.

To accuse Prineville residents of supporting police officer abuse and the killing of George Floyd is pure prejudice, and presumably in this authors case, virtue signalling. To be clear, what we are dealing with is a group of people, black and white, who wish to capitalize on the death of George Floyd and its subsequent understandable disgust by associating Prineville residents who exercise their right to protest.

For further interest in the Diversity, Inclusion, Equity (DIE), click on the links below or search Bret Weinstein, Heather Heying and Evergreen State College in Washington on Youtube for the series produced by Mike Nayna. If you want to see the DIE principle in action, get ready for a ride - completely bristling with raw “person of color” racism. On the surface, who would disagree with the DIE tenets? No one. But when you see how these tenets manifest themselves, you will understand they are nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They understand very well the need to make the indoctrination palatable, and come across as very “loving”. My intent is to show their true colors with truth and logic, based on facts, or the lack thereof, as the case may be.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Also Bret Weinstein and John McWhorter discuss the George Floyd protests and racism:

Benjamin Boyce has a library of videos on the nuances of DIE, black racism and Evergreen State College.

In summary, most people are completely reasonable and want to get along, no matter their skin tone from light to dark. But there are a minority of all types, who are entitled and manipulative. Let’s put these rabble rousers in their proper place and not let fear get the best of us nor should we let our genuine feelings of empathy and compassion be used against us for nefarious purposes. Indeed, lets stop turning a blind eye to the injustices we are being subjected to.


More social psycho babble Skittish.


That’s certainly not the answer I was hoping for. It’s just a minor ad hominem attack and is an example of deflection. So why even bother?

So let’s start over. What exactly are the problems facing the black community, rank them and then list all the contributing factors, both internal and external to the black community. As provided above, racism isn’t really a main driver. Then what are the specific solutions, policies and actions that can be taken to ameliorate the problems? We need a specific agenda and solution list. Ranting and raving and then expecting someone else to take over only weakens you.


But "ranting and raving and then expecting someone else to take over" is exactly what you seem to be doing.


Well, you never answered my previous question about how do you counterprotest at a protest that's protesting racism? You must be for it is the only reason I can see. As to your continued questioning of the "problems facing the blacks" ,etc shows your lack of understanding of the history of this country, which again leads me to believe you're not from around these parts.

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