On June 27 of this year, the Central Oregon Peacekeepers revealed Greg Walker’s history of racism, jokes about sexual assault, dehumanizing language about the homeless and making light of police violence.

This is not an opinion; we have the pictures to prove it directly from Mr. Walker’s Facebook account (that has since been scrubbed). When the Bulletin article was released, not only was the article riddled with Mr. Walker’s quotes, you failed to include quotes from our loosely formed organization that is run by a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color). We may have decided to wait awhile before making a statement, but we would like to do just that in light of Mr. Walker’s column.

The main reason we released the information about Mr. Walker is simple. He attached himself to an organization run by a BIPOC despite clearly having hateful rhetoric in the public eye. It was also quite shocking to learn that this same person was supposed to be working with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office on something called Verbal Judo, which is essentially officer intervention.

Not only was this man, who has been proven to spew hate, going to be training sheriff’s office employees and other invited guests, he is also a close friend of Sheriff Shane Nelson and always appears right around when election time starts to heat up. This was a no-bid contract.

Learning that this is the case, we wanted to try and put our efforts into finding a BIPOC that leads a similar program to Mr. Walker’s. Since this was a no-bid contract, we assumed it would have been difficult to find another class or program like it. That was not the case. It was shared with us that the New Orleans Police Department recently put in a program called EPIC that is peer -to -peer intervention. Sound familiar? We had been told Mr. Walker’s program was one of a kind. It clearly is not.

Lastly, Mr. Walker was quoted saying we are “alienating him and a bunch of people” by saying “hey, kill cops, hurt cops.” Our group has never said this and it can be confirmed on our Facebook page. Mr. Walker said we were a bunch of high schoolers who hate police officers and promote violence. Again, if you check our Facebook page, this is simply just flat out false. Every chance we can, we remind our followers that we do not encourage violence.

The Peacekeepers are dedicated to the safety of the Central Oregon activist community. We organize safety volunteers, identify violent counter-protesters and research public figures. If you believe in justice, equity, and inclusion, we’re here for you.

We want to protect our activist community from any threats they receive if we can, we want to ensure people are able to use their right to protest, we want people to feel protected while they are protesting, and we want to expose anyone that is willing to be openly racist or otherwise hateful in the public eye.

While we may seem aggressive at times, we are tired of watching BIPOC, people who are LBGTQ and other groups be treated as second-class citizens. This country will never truly be the land of the free until everyone feels like it is. Our leader surely does not, other activists in the community surely do not and clearly this idea is worldwide. This country is in desperate need of a face-lift. There are people willing to put their lives on the line to spread the message of equality, they deserve this.

Walker once posted a picture of himself standing with a black man, and his good friend responded “Check your back pocket to make sure your wallet is still there.” Walker did nothing to challenge this blatant racism from his buddy.

We think Deschutes County should check it’s wallet, and ask itself how much more time and money it wants to spend on Greg Walker.

Luke Richter is president of the

Central Oregon Peacekeepers.

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And if we are being honest with ourselves there is not one person reading this who regrets posting something on FB, or in an email, or elsewhere on social media. To include the "peacemakers", reporters at the Bulletin, and about everyone else.

We all live in one big glass house in this respect. If anyone offers otherwise they are only kidding themselves.

"It looks like America has a similar attitude, especially online. Fifty seven percent of Americans who use social media have posted or texted something that they regret. "One in six regret a post at least once a week, and these numbers vary depending on age, with 20 percent of Millennials (18 to 34) being the worst regular offenders," writes Shane Paul Neil for the Huffington Post"



Yep, and as I posted before, actions have consequences such as losing a contract, Senatorial seat, election, you name it.


Buck - I lost nothing. The Sheriff's Office lost nothing. VJI lost nothing.

I'm retired. DCSO will still receive the original training. VJI will still provide it.

Life goes on. EOM.


Get a cup of coffee and get comfortable – to learn what the Bend Bulletin and “peacekeepers” didn’t tell you -

When I was growing up I loved watching “Dragnet”. Veteran actor Jack Webb played a no-nonsense cop only interested in getting the story straight. His best remembered line, “Just the facts, Ma’am”, is easily be applied to Mr. Richter’s error-riddled guest editorial in terms of and its true Intent.

Let us be clear about one thing right away. Mr. Richter’s guest editorial is not about “me”. He clarified this when he wrote “…he is also a close friend of Sheriff Shane Nelson and always appears right around when election time starts to heat up.”

In early June of this year Mr. Ian Lewis, a (white) evidence technician for the Bend Police Department, responded to a post of mine regarding the behavioral health collaboration between now retired BPD chief Jim Porter and Sheriff Shane Nelson. Mr. Lewis, a member of the “peacekeepers”, said this. Ian Lewis Greg Walker “you’ve obviously aligned yourself with Sheriff Nelson’s re-election campaign, so let’s just be clear that your comments on Scott’s posts are never objective ones.” Lewis likewise participated in what I now call “label lynching” when he painted me with the same hot button terms Mr. Richter favors.

Given Lewis is a city employee I sent a note to Chief Porter regarding his evidence technician’s post, offering I was hopeful he was not using city equipment while on city time (and pay) to do “peacekeeper” work. Concerned as well Porter directed one of his captains to conduct an internal inquiry and on June 11th Porter sent me this note.

Jim Porter


Thanks. We have completed an inquiry and there is no evidence to lead the Captain to believe Ian Lewis was on duty when he made the post you asked about.

The next day Chief Porter sent out an official email to his department reinforcing employees were not to mix their personal political positions with their employment at the department. Mr. Lewis had done so by a posting of a BPD badge image on his FB page and the comment “Proud to work here”. After Porter’s “All Hands” email went out that badge image disappeared. I will save his four-screen diatribe sent to me after he got his wrist slapped at work for later.

My “showing up” around election time harkens back to the 2016 Sheriff’s race when the opposing candidate was former deputy Eric Kozowski. Kozowski lost the election in part due to an early letter I wrote for the Nugget News in Sisters. That and my fact-checking of his resume throughout the campaign. I wrote a guest editorial regarding candidate Schaier after the Nugget News published an interview with him.

In that letter I revealed the following about Schaier’s civil rights record reference People of Color while he was a cop in Las Vegas – “Schaier’s tenure with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department is likewise less than impressive. In October 2011, a federal lawsuit named him and other officers in multiple charges to include violation of the Fourth Amendment. Upon the trial’s conclusion the Municipality paid out $105,000 to the damaged parties”.



Apparently Mr. Richter is not aware of this first of two federal civil rights lawsuits involving candidate Schaier? The second being his December 2016 shooting and killing of Bend resident Michael Tyler Jacques, which resulted in an $800K payout by the City of Bend once its attorney watched the video taped evidence of the incident during mediation. Evidence that stands in stark contrast to both officers involved official accounts of how Jacques died at their hands within 19 seconds of being pulled over on a traffic complaint.


Candidate Schaier and his supporters like Eric Kozowski and Ian Lewis know I am presently researching and writing a two-part series on this officer involved shooting. To include comments from the Oregon Department of Justice. I propose “killing the messenger” through editorial invective such as Mr. Richter’s is in candidate Schaier’s best political interest.

Why? Perhaps because the police related killing of Mr. Jacques, who was white, in 2016 is a local example of the 2020 killing of Mr. George Floyd, who was black, by a Minneapolis, Minnesota police officer with all the ugliness of that crime.

Even Bulletin crime and justice reporter Garrett Andrews felt Schaier was on thin ice politically with this issue when on June 15th he sent this to Ms. Karen Jacques, Tyler’s mother.

On Jun 15, 2020, at 12:52 PM, Garrett Andrews wrote:

“Hi, Karen. I suppose my biggest question is, how do you feel about Scott Schaier personally? I know that's an awkward question -- he killed your son. But I'm curious what that name means to you and how it feels to see him pursue public office.

Were he to apologize in a satisfactory way, would you forgive him? Would you be alright with him running for public office?”

Ms. Jacques’ reply was simple and quite clear. Her intent is to support Sheriff Nelson come November.

Her response to another of Mr. Andrews’ awkward questions was this. Andrews – “How has life been since December 2016?”

Karen Jacques – “The utter stupidity of this question deserves no response.”

Likewise, Mr. Richter may not be aware of the cordial communications candidate Schaier and I have had. This one from April 29th -

If you locate a copy of Dr. Thompson's and my book, "Verbal Judo Way of Leadership", you might read - if nothing else - pages 174-176 on "Right Leadership" - the Three Pillars of Professional Excellence. You may find the personal example enlightening.

Thank you for the recommendation! Thanks for the kind words earlier about my father!

That said, the Bulletin published a concise guest editorial from me on July 4th – Richter might reread it in lieu of the above.


I remain an active member of the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly and in fact enjoyed a nice working lunch this past week with its founder and president, Mr. Riccardo Waites. He has read Mr. Richter’s editorial and I leave it to him to comment should he care to.

I will point out the further dishonesty of the “peacekeepers” FB page as it published a “selfie” I took of me and Mr. Waites. This after we’d – in Unity – agreed on what to title the then upcoming march up Pilot Butte – and that title was “Taking Back the Butte”. Mr. Richter and his “team” cropped Mr. Waites out of that photo, an image Riccardo has a copy of on his cell phone. Politics?

The Verbal Judo Institute’s Officer to Officer Immediate Intervention workshop material predates the New Orleans Police Department’s EPIC program by ten years. Several media releases sent out to all Central Oregon local media to include the Bulletin clearly defined the program’s Intent and financials now weeks ago. As the Bulletin knows but did not report there was never a contract between myself and the Sheriff’s Office; I have never been a paid consultant to the Sheriff’s Office; Mr. Richard Coe, a Bulletin’s reporter, confirmed this a week ago while visiting with the appropriate Deschutes County department. The only necessary filing with the County was the required vendor ID document and that came from the Verbal Judo Institute, not me.

And, as made public last week, the Verbal Judo Institute will be providing its Immediate Intervention workshop training to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office this September. The Bulletin was aware of this early last week during an interview between Sheriff Nelson and Mr. Coe. Again, for reasons of its own the paper did not publish this fact.

Finally, Mr. Richter’s portrayal of the Central Oregon Peacekeepers as a kind and benevolent organization that has never promoted violence toward police officers is selective memory. While I was still allowed to post on their site I “drilled down” into their members’ own FB pages and commented on the frequent use of the derogatory acronym “ACABS” (Member Cody Clay); the posting of a video mocking two white female police officers as “Karens”; and a brutal video posted by a rapper in southern Oregon gleefully applauding the beating of a white police officer by a black attacker.

The “peacekeepers” swiftly took my comments down and their once public private FB pages, to include Mr. Richter’s I believe, suddenly went “Private – Friends Only”.

When interviewed two weeks ago by Bulletin reporter Garrett Andrews I asked him if he had looked at the COPK FB page himself? He replied he had and that “I saw some pretty ugly stuff there” coming from the “peacekeepers”. Perhaps that is why he did not quote any “peacekeeper” in his article? An article these “peacekeepers” commented on – profanity edited out by me.

Deschutes County sheriff's consultant steps aside after outcry over social…

Deschutes County sheriff's consultant steps aside after outcry over social media posts

Barrett BeRadical McConnell The headline should read "We Gave A Platform To A Racist So He Could Be A ******* Crybaby And Tell A Story About Pulling A .45 On Someone While In The Army To Make Himself Look Cool"

Mike Satcher Barrett BeRadical McConnell yeah, that article was incredibly disappointing. I know for a fact the Peacekeepers communicated with the author ahead of time, and he didn't quite [quote] them once.

Barrett BeRadical McConnell the bias was painfully obvious.

Mr. Richter’s guest editorial is not about “me” and I offer they have their apologies to make – It is about the candidate his “peacekeepers” find appealing come this November. Politics. Nothing more and nothing less.

Ian L.

Mr. Walker, you continue to use my name on public forums (poking) so I will respond. You have a habit of distorting the truth to fit your narrative (lying). Most of what you just wrote about me is false. Please stop. It is below the character of a retired veteran such as yourself.


Ian Lewis



As you have "label lynched" me as a "liar" - and as I have your posts to and about me - and as until August 1st when your resignation from BPD, as I understand it from several of your fellow employees, becomes effective


...I reserve the right to respond to Mr. Richter and now your comments on this fine forum dedicated to Free Speech.

And again I ask you what Service do you claim having served in, where (Afghanistan / Iraq), when, and what MOS (Infantry)?

BTW - having "rolled" many years ago w my friend, Rickson Gracie, I have no need to do the same with you.



Let us begin debunking your claims with my note to your former chief, Jim Porter. This regarding how you were identified as an employee of the Bend Police Department - and why your posting of the BPD badge with caption "Proud to work here" - was removed after the internal investigation and resulting memo on such affiliation when expressing political thought processes.

Gregory Walker <

Jun 11, 2020, 4:42 PM

to Jim, me


“It occurs to me Mr. Lewis might feel he was identified by fellow employees at BPD.

Candidate Schaier knows I am old friends with several people still there. And Lewis is a supporter of Schaier"s,

I merely after reading his first post, pulled his FB page up.

He had a nice picture of a BPD badge on it and the typed in statement "Proud to work here".

I copied the image for file. But that is how I knew. He "told" me himself.

I note that image is no longer on his page.

FYI only.”

This coming on the heels of Candidate Schaier “announcing” he would not be wearing his Bend PD uniform while campaigning. His announcement came after my request to Bend PD regarding the wearing of the uniform and political campaigning. Lieutenant Juli-Ann McConkey responded with this –

Juli-Ann McConkey

Tue, May 5, 1:36 PM

Mr. Walker,

“I am the Public Information Officer for the City of Bend Police Department. I was made aware you inquired about the policy regarding an employee wearing a duty uniform to campaign. I have attached our uniform policy, I believe the section you are specifically looking for is under section 1024.6 “Political Activities, Endorsements, and Advertisements”.

If you need anything further email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.”


Unless specifically authorized by the Chief of Police, Bend Police Department employees may not wear any part of the uniform, be photographed wearing any part of the uniform, utilize a department badge, patch or other official insignia, or cause to be posted, published, or displayed, the image of another employee, or identify himself/herself as an employee of the Bend Police Department to do any of the following:

(a) Endorse, support oppose or contradict any political campaign or initiative.

(b) Endorse, support, oppose or contradict any social issue, cause or religion.

(c) Endorse, support or oppose any product, service, company or other commercial entity.

(d) Appear in any commercial, social or non-profit publication; or any motion

picture, film, video, public broadcast or any website.

Oddly enough the Bend Police Department’s policy on this mirrors that of the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office…which former candidate for Sheriff Eric Kozowski willingly violated, was in part terminated for violating and continues to drag out a $3.2 MIL lawsuit over. It would appear candidate Schaier chose to follow his department’s uniform policy in this area.

Again, from Jim Porter –

Jim Porter


“As for Scott Schaier, he and I have met, and he sees no need to be in uniform while campaigning as we move towards November. As for what could occur in the future if he asks, I would meet with our legal department and discuss it with them to insure I make a lawful decision based upon the totality of the circumstances.”

Welcome to the world of fact-checking.

Mon, May 11, 9:34 AM


For the public record, Mr. Lewis –

Jim Porter, recently and honorably retired, and I go back a long, long way as you will see below.

That said, I am taking you up on your invitation to make your rambling diatribe as sent to me public, starting now. Particularly the “label lynching” you have engaged in. Consider the below from now retired Chief Porter as the baseline for the high regard Jim Porter has so kindly extended to me, and why.

It reflects why, despite your wrong-thinking, I gave due credit to Sheriff Nelson on candidate Schaier’s campaign page, for Chief Porter and Sheriff Nelson collaborating as they did to see the new “Health of the Force” program implemented at the Sheriff’s Office.

It is not necessary for me to be further maligned or bullied by you as either a city employee or a private party any longer, Mr. Lewis. I allowed you great “slack” prior to this given your military service with the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan. And my intuition you may have suffered similar service-connected wounds and injuries, invisible or otherwise, that I have. That empathy and respect was apparently lost on you.

Jim Porter

Wed, Jun 3, 8:24 PM

to me


“We are working on your request.

“On another issue, I know you’re interested in organizational change. Bend PD was a mess when they fired our chief in 2014. Overnight I became chief. I know you had some doubts, and rightfully so when I was appointed. I had been close to Kevin Sawyer, and had been promoted up through the ranks by those who had placed Bend PD in the headlines and not in a good way…We formed a committee staffed by majority of patrol officers to select the patrol vehicles and body armor we purchased and how they wanted them equipped. We went to external ballistic vests, which I hated the look of, but they relieved the pressure on the officers hips and lower backs.

“We then focused on physical and mental health of officers and families. We then formed a spousal group, and I asked them to provide me a list of instructors they would like me to bring to Bend for them. They provided me a list, starting with Dr. Gilmartin. We had him give a family only Saturday all day training. We have had numerous other trainings for the families, all on the weekends.

“We rolled on-duty yoga, mindfulness, meditation, functional fitness and team based workouts. We obtained grants to pay for full vascular and heart scans for officers, sleep center evaluations, purchased and issued garmin health fitness watches that monitored an officers sleep and workouts.

“By 2017, we were getting the attention of the DOJ cops program for our programs. By 2018, the DOJ did a site visit, reviewed our programs, as they began a report to congress on health and wellness of police officers. In their report to Congress titled Law enforcement mental health and wellness act; report to congress of eleven case studies, they listed us first in their report. By the end of 2018 we had been awarded the DOJ COPS award as the best wellness program for that year.

“All along we were gathering data on performance, helped those not accepting our VMV changes to move out of the organization, and trained and empowered the sergeants and officers to hold each other accountable. In 2015 we changed our hiring criteria and began giving points to applicants who displayed high emotional intelligence, ability to self-regulate, manage relationships.

“Take a look at the power point, the outcomes were shocking. As we added in programs for officer health, moral, public trust all went up, and use of force, days off and cost of injuries decreased.

“The data on moral, citizen trust, officer injury were all collected by outside agencies.

“Take a look and let me know your thoughts”



Skittish Jul 4, 2020 12:49pm

If making a list of very serious charges, then where is the evidence? I looked at the screenshots and can't tell the context from which he is writing for many of them and the rest weakly support your accusations. If you can only see one way to interpret what he wrote, then the bias is coming from you. My impression of your organization is to promote fragility with righteous indignation at every imagined offense granting you the power to do that which you supposedly fight against. Does your organization promote "cancel culture"? If so, state it loud and clear so your mission is clear. If not, then what you are doing gives the appearance of such.

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