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I’ve* had it. I’m getting madder and more frustrated every day. I’m a member of the critical race and I’m tired of people trying to cancel my culture. I don’t care about your culture or your history.

Mine’s right so just stop infecting society with your perspective. Yes, I have the right and obligation to set and defend rules which benefit my kind. We have since the start of this country and we’re not going to stop now.

Yes, I have the right and obligation to shout you down and censor anyone who doesn’t agree with me.

No, I don’t need to be civil; I’m the critical race, get used to it.

White privilege is a hoax so stop giving any preferences to anyone but our guys. We’ll decide who gets the scraps.

I’m a member of the critical gender and of course women should be subservient to men. That’s the way it’s written in the good book. I’m the head of the house and that’s that.

The Oregon mail-in ballots are great. I get to verify every voting female in my house has voted the right way. Oh, and that’s not voter fraud. That’s my duty as the head of the house.

As to those LGBTQ folks: oh heck no. No tolerance. If they can’t figure out their gender then they aren’t looking. I don’t want my family to share a bathroom with those kinds. Well, OK, maybe on the airplane.

And as to sports, keep the girls off the boys’ teams. Let the girls play with the girls. Having a girl beat out a guy for the team isn’t good for the male ego.

And transgender people on the girls’ team: heck no. They’re boys who just can’t make the boys team, except of course for Bruce Jenner before he became Caitlyn.

I’m a member of the critical religion, an evangelical Christian, not Catholic, not Protestant, Lutheran or Episcopalian, and oh my God not never Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or any other false religion.

Our country was founded on our god. Our god not yours. We and our guys trust in him. We don’t need masks or any vaccine.

We don’t need to be the guinea pigs for the CDC or Fauci. Don’t force an untested vaccine on us; we’ve got our god. After all it’s just the flu, but give me some malaria medicine or even better, some of the horse dewormer, or let me inhale some bleach. Besides, it’s “My Body My Choice,” unless of course it’s about abortion and then of course it’s “Your Body My Choice,” because my god told me it was.

You see, I’m more critical to society than you and you should know it. If you don’t, I’m yelling it every chance I get.

I’m right, you’re wrong, and I’m not going to listen to anything you say. Just shut up and listen to me and our guys.

This is my state, founded as a white utopia and that’s what it should be. Oregon our Oregon not yours until you see it our way. #NeverFeartheDream

As to the Capital tour on Jan. 6, it was just a peaceful, loving tour. Get past it.

And yes, Trump won!

*The views and opinions expressed above are not shared by the author. They are expressions that have been seen, read and heard in Central Oregon. These are our neighbors. The tap roots of Oregon’s white utopia creation run deep. Take a deep breath, stay calm and continue to express yourselves with civility, and a lot of patience and persistence.

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William Barron lives in Bend.

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For those who appreciate the art of sarcasm, this is pretty good. For those that are offended, it makes it even better!


This letter says more about Mr Barron's psyche then about our community The great thing about inventing anonymous quotes is you can make your point without actual facts. Mr Barron is just spewing his own prejudices and preconceptions about the residents of Deschutes County. He must live in a very sad world.


I don't think he's speaking about just the residents in Deschutes County and while he might have a prejudice or two in there he is spot on in his paraphrasing. No invention there. I like the 1/6 comment since it's spot on as stated by a Republican Congressman.


A fair amount of truth spoken here.

Transitory Inflation



Truly unworthy of a newspaper of a serious newpaper.


Mr. Barron is clearly taking "artistic liberty" and intentional ignorance to new levels. How very illiberal of him.

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