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Disclaimer: I am a geologist with expertise in climate change and promise that this article will not be depressing.

As the cold nights of autumn approach, and the smoke hopefully abates, let’s take a moment to look back at the summer of 2022. It was the third straight year of crippling drought in Central Oregon, leaving too many fields dry and fallow and many farmers facing bankruptcy. Weeks of heat waves, often rising above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, caused life-threatening conditions for our construction workers, our farm workers and our houseless community members. And of course yet another Smoketember, forcing us to celebrate the last weeks of summer by retreating indoors as our iconic volcanoes disappeared from view.

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Hal Wershow lives in Bend.

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Gee just what we need, another liberal so focused on liberal pc he cannot see the bigger picture of being a commissioner.


Gee Greg, perhaps what we need is someone who DOES understand the bigger picture. You know, the one that includes being mindful of the impact of local actions on global issues. Might be a good thing to consider, no?


"Climate resilience means accepting and adapting to our changing world. Therefore, we need local leaders who accept the difficult climate reality engulfing us. Business as usual with Tony DeBone is not acceptable".

Please Greg, explain to me why refusing to accept what is happening, and plan to adapt is "seeing the bigger picture". Seems like Tony Debone has his head stuck pretty deep in the sand. It's super hard to see the bigger picture from there.


So you are basing your opinion on one thing. Can you name something meaningful the commission can do that does not cost County residents more money and that is acceptable to county residents, not Bend?


Further if you knew anything about Tony you would know he has worked hard on fire resistance and water issues just as Oliver’s supporter wants.

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