I am writing this partially in response to the letter in The Bulletin on Nov. 15, in regards to opposition to the Gateway North Master Plan, in other words, the proposed new Costco store.

Other than being a NIMBY letter, I was not convinced in any way, that this new store is a bad idea. In fact, I enthusiastically support the new proposed Costco. I am confident the majority of shoppers in Central Oregon feel the same way.

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Scott Erwin is a retired Realtor who lives in Redmond.

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Transitory Inflation

Siting Costco on Bend's North side is a no-brainer. It would reduce local traffic through Bend and increase tax base inside our boundary. This council will likely fumble it because commerce is outside of their competence. Redmond may be able to scoop it up and site on its southside. The traffic interchange is already there. :(


agreed! too bad this city council are even pretending to know what they're doing and the incoming crew will be no better, perhaps even less competent. we had our chance for real change and voters blew it!


Sounds like most voters simply disagree with you. This author presents the prevailing and unquestioned logic that has been standard practice over the last many decades. Look where that has got us...traffic choked cities, sprawling asphalt strip mall development that is a liability to our cities budget, and an urban form that is very difficult to evolve / change into something more desirable. Refreshing to see this council not provide special treatment to big business over small businesses and take on irresponsible tax liabilities. This costco would not pay for itself in the long run from a tax per acre/linear feet of pavement/pipe perspective.

Sam Parker

Looks like the author is a realtor and lives in Redmond, so clearly won't be feeling the impact that the 15,000+ new daily vehicle trips will have on traffic, commute and emergency response times and pollution for the hundereds of neighbors that actually live near the proposed store. And no, there is not ample support for this project for a number of valid reasons. There has not been a single person speak in support of this big box development at any of the public hearings. But glad Costco dragged out a realtor from Redmond to let us know that somehow this project will alleviate traffic (that defies common-sense) and make the world a better place for those who don't live nearby. We can only hope that the Council will stay resolved in not giving in to Costco's tantrum to walk if they don't get all of the 12+ deviations and special treatment from the zoning for this parcel that they are asking for from the City. Bend Bulletin, others have submitted letters in opposition on this issue and you have only published one to date, and now this featured guest column by a self-interested realtor from Redmond on this issue. Is the editorial department drinking the corporate Kool-Aid on this issue?


can you share where you got the 15,000 NEW daily vehicle trips data please. also, besides the homeless folks living on Hunnel, could you inform us all about the hundreds of neighbors at live near the proposed location?

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