Central Oregon can be a thriving region which balances protection of our natural resources with broad based economic opportunity, creates housing options for all, and embraces a variety of lifestyles. In Deschutes County, community members are unique in their needs and wants, and similar in that we all love this place we call home.

What inspires me to continue serving as Deschutes County Commissioner, is seeing each new day as a fresh opportunity to support and enhance the lives of all Deschutes County residents. What disheartens me, are deep seated issues with Oregon’s broken land use system, and manipulative special interest groups and individuals who exploit these systemic problems for their narrow cause.

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Patti Adair is a Deschutes County Commissioner and is running for re-election.

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Until we stop looking at land as a commodity where the "owner" has unlimited rights, we will continue to to have to address drought conditions in Central Oregon. In this case, 70+ exempt wells, not only used for domestic consumption but to irrigate the large lots, will have an impact on the hydrologic continuity of the Deschutes, in other words, less ground water going into the river, resulting in less water for the actual agriculture that Adair claims she so cares about. Sometimes using land for development isn't the best use after all, but rather more detrimental to the constituencies you're trying to protect.


Did she just imply sprawling unsustainable development is 'bold positive devekopment?' Handing out free groundwater like this is exactly how we got into our current situation. Bravo Patty, your exactly the problem, thanks for helping people identify it.

Transitory Inflation

'her guest column failed to mention Deschutes County residents who were fiercely in support of the project.'

:audible mouth breathing: "her letter was an opinion, but should of been a fact report, like Hannity do'."


What's so secret about a land use application that shouldn't be discussed in a public forum.

BTW, hannity speaks about nothing but factual items. Alternative factual items to be sure, but factual....


Central Oregon has NO WATER....you don't build more housing when you have NO WATER...Farms are fallow because there is NO WATER...Greed driven developers are the problem....stop the insanity of building....if there is not enough housing here, move to Burns, Enterprise, Alfalfa...


Well penned piece and spot on. Schmidt is the most unqualified candidate I have every seen run for an office like a county commissioner who is responsible for a $650 + million budget and setting policy for over 240k folks who live here. The challenger to DeBone is not far behind in being unsuited for the job.

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