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It is a callous misrepresentation of facts to claim that adding an unplanned and unwanted child to a family is a small inconvenience. It is not. It is a destructive act with a lasting effect on all members of the family.

It’s a fact that 75% of all abortion are performed for women living at, near or below the poverty line and adding an unplanned child to a poor family that cannot afford the expense is extremely destructive. It puts both child and family deeper into poverty and at higher risk for school failure, foster care, unemployment, poverty, homelessness, mental illness and incarceration.

The addition of a child to a financially struggling family is also an impediment to getting out of poverty. No matter how resilient families are the longer they are in poverty the harder it is to get out. Of the families living in poverty for seven years only 13% will ever make it out. This is not an inconvenience; this is a significant disaster for poor families.

Ms. Lori Sloan in her recent letter to editor calls abortion violent, but, violence comes in many forms and abortion of a fetus is only one. Very real violence is done to society, to the family, to the born child when a family is pushed into adding a child or another child that it does not have the resources to care for. A life of chaotic homelessness and mental illness is just as snuffed out as an aborted life and it is a lot more tragic because it is happening to a thinking, feeling, knowing person not a non-sentient fetus.

It is a disgraceful mischaracterization of women who abort a fetus they know they cannot support as women “snuffing out innocent human lives for their own convenience.” Adding unwanted children that the family cannot support is wrong for society, wrong for families and wrong for the child.

Women who abort pregnancies they cannot support are not unloving misanthropists. Before getting an abortion they made serious assessments of their resources and they know neither they nor their family can support a child so it grows into a successful adult. They are not haunted by guilt or sadness by their decision to abort. They know that they have done the right thing. Ninety five percent express satisfaction with their decision.

These are women that want children and a family. Many women that get abortions later have a planned pregnancy. They give birth when the family can welcome a child. Dismissing the disaster of an unwanted child as an inconvenient problem and advocating that, instead of abortion, women give birth and give away their baby to a more responsible and loving woman is as outrageously disrespectful as it is ignorant. It is not the way to reduce abortions.

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Janet Alexander lives in Redmond.

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THANK YOU for your well-written, thoughtful, and referenced, thoughts!! I grow very weary of people presenting their opinions as facts without any kind of citation.

Transitory Inflation

'Adding unwanted children that the family cannot support is wrong for society, wrong for families and wrong for the child.'



I can remember a couple decades ago a religion in the U.S. was accused of "stealing" the souls of recently deceased people by performing a religion-specific ritual. Some people were angry that people from another religion could intrude into their relative's afterlife and "steal" the soul of their deceased relative.

Now, change that to the abortion "debate" where people from one religion want to intrude into the current living bodies of people with different views and dictate to them how they should treat their own body. Religious people have a right to determine the criteria followers of their religion must adhere to, but in a multi-theistic country like the U.S. problem arise when one religion reaches out and dictates how people outside their religion must also behave.


Well said. And it seems that those wanting to dictate supposedly know about "Judge not, lest ye be judged." Yet can't seem to follow that credo. I wonder how they'd explain themselves when they're questioned when they meet their maker.


Easy. In America’s dominant religion you just claim to be a believer, ask for forgiveness, and receive a pass through . . .


So they think. Until they find out that "Man proposes, God disposes" is not just a saying.

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