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Two thousand three hundred and twenty-nine. 2,329.

That is the number of daily “trips” predicted by the official traffic study that will be added to the current traffic in and out of the Pine Ridge Renovation complex slated to be built in place of the quaint Pine Ridge Inn on Colorado.

That traffic will arrive and depart the property on four streets — Reed Market, Century, Colorado, the two traffic circles at Century and Colorado, and the other circle at Mt. Washington and Century.

I’m sure the developers noticed that currently, during ski season, Century can be backed up for a mile or so, and Reed Market can be brought to a standstill in both directions. When the Mt. Washington middle school traffic is added in, gridlock ensues. Century stops. Reed stops. Mt. Washington stops. And, the college isn’t even close to full capacity yet. Well, stopped is stopped after all, and you’ll just be stopped for a while longer.

“The city” thinks this as all OK and that the additional 2,329 automobile trips per day won’t be a problem. Now, to be fair, they did ask us (per the regulations) if we objected.

They put up the two little signs on the bank at the Pine Ridge for all of us to read (if we looked up on the bank and were looking the “right” way on the one way, at least for a while, until they got ripped up by the weather.) Then, they put up new ones for a while. The fact that you would have to park and walk up the bank to read them didn’t seem to be a problem. Nor did the fact that the expected “comments” were clearly not being generated.

Could it be that all the folks who lived “within” 250 feet didn’t care? Oh wait, just about nobody lives within even 500 feet. They got seven objections. Seven people sent email comments objecting to a proposed commercial development second only to the university in its magnitude. Does that make sense? No matter, I guess the planners figured everybody else must love it. This all occurred during COVID shutdown, mind you, when there were not the usual public hearings, discussions, presentations and press coverage. Guess that didn’t seem odd to them.

This development, if completed, will tower about 150 feet above the river below, looking down on the Healy Bridge.

It will dominate the skyline against the mountains when viewed from the parkway and Bond Street.

It will add approximately 50 pounds of automotive particulate matter, according to my calculations, (which is a lot because it is gases and dust) to the atmosphere and nearby streets per year.

I really don’t think this project is something we should be doing, do you? It is wrong on so many levels. Please let the city know that.

They’re trying to put one over on us. Don’t let ’em get away with it.

For photos, search KOHD “Pine Ridge.”

Doug Meyer lives in Bend.

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