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I can’t begin this letter, which I very much wanted to write, without first saying I feel confused, mixed up, and worry that no matter how I try, I might sound befuddled. Or worse, useless. If that’s so, I apologize and hope for your patience and understanding and your willingness to gather what I most need to say as I struggle with incomprehension.

I’m at a loss: So much is said about how we are threatened by members of the left-leaning persuasion. In effect, threatened by an intrusion into our daily and political life with Communism. Isn’t that something we’ve feared for decades? And if it’s true, aren’t we currently being so victimized?

As I say, I don’t quite understand what’s going on. After all, our current president, Donald Trump, is very much a supporter — at least that — of the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin. Isn’t Putin a Communist? And Trump’s often, if not always, ready for words of praise for him. Doesn’t it make you at least wonder?

I wonder: Looking back to the late forties and fifties, we had government agencies and leaders who investigated the incursion of Communists into American life: I wonder, what would the House Un-American Activities Commission have done in looking into the behavior and associations of our president and some of his associates as they relate to an involvement with Communism—as friends, fellow travelers, business participants. Remember the HUAC? If you don’t, a little historical seeking might pay off. And while you’re at it, try checking on the famed anti-Communist senator, Joseph McCarthy. What do you think he’d have to say about the involvement of Communists in our government? Way back then all he needed to assail individuals was a hint, an assertion, they were involved with Communists. And now, here before us, don’t we have a carload more than hints?

So please, help me to understand, with all these attacks, loaded inferences, implications of members of the Democratic Party — these dire hints of danger should they become elected — with all that, what are we to make of what is right here in our face of these members of our current administration? I do mean President Trump, his associates, his family members. That close association and sympathy with the Communist leader — what are we to make of that?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go back to the time of the HUAC and McCarthy? Just think of it. We might have to give up our daily experience of freedom and open-mindedness. But we’d be able to freely label the Commies. Anyone else who is doing us harm. Wouldn’t it be great if that was going on now? Right? As I say, I’m at a loss …

Richard Lyons lives in Sisters.

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Moscow Agent Governing America (MAGA). Not my saying as it's on a tee shirt you can now buy for as litle as $13.00. Says it all as does this tongue in cheek commentary.


Years ago, now, a female friend of mine, then living in Santa Cruz, California, said this to me. “It is easy to be a communist when you live in America.”

She was correct. Her parents were card-carrying members of the Communist Party as was she. We had met when her boyfriend, who had been a mercenary in Rhodesia during that country’s civil war, invited her to attend a gun show in San Jose with us.

As I recall she purchased a Ruger Mini 14 that day. Something she would never have been able to do in say Cuba, or Nicaragua, or anywhere in eastern Europe under communist rule.

Regis Debray is perhaps one of the most articulate and experienced communist revolutionaries of his day. At the end of his career he wrote his autobiography, concluding Marxism / Leninism / Communism at large. His conclusions were not favorable.

“Like Flaubert, Debray wants to write a moral history of the men of his generation–and like Sentimental Education, his memoir is a narrative of disillusion and thwarted passion. Praised Be Our Lords mainly concerns events in two decades: the ’60s, which Debray spent largely in Latin America as a revolutionist in league with Fidel Castro; and the ’80s, which Debray spent largely in a small office at the Elysée Palace as an adviser to the notionally socialist President François Mitterrand.

“How simple everything would be,” he writes, “if communism had just been a machine for making prison camps! The curse (or the blessing, I am not sure which) is that between the crimes it produced fraternity, self-denial, optimism, courage and generosity.” Castro’s Communism was “a corrupting and uplifting machine for making people worse and better than they are.” He cannot forget “the superior human qualities of the militants who kept the inhuman machine running.”

I guess it is easy to be a communist, or sympathizer, or at least a somewhat clever editorial author, in Sisters, Oregon, too.


Yes, communists are supposed to be bad - but he sure seems eager to be friends with them. Yes, dictators are bad - but he sure seems to be enamored with them. Yes, criminals are bad - but he sure seems to surround himself with them. Yes, pedophiles are bad - but he sure seems to have been friends with more than a few.




I agree. Biden does seem to hang with the Unsavory amongst us.


Bwahahaha, Greg. I think you you had a minor brain burp there and meant to put Trump in your comment.

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