Below are The Bulletin’s endorsements for the Nov. 6 election. The editorial board interviews candidates only in contested races.

Ballots must be returned to county clerks’ offices or drop-off stations by 8 p.m. on Election Day. To read the endorsements, go to

Meanwhile, we are striving to publish as many of readers’ election-related My Nickel’s Worth and guest columns as possible, but we can’t guarantee we will have enough space to publish all submissions before Election Day.


• Representative District 2: Greg Walden


• Governor: Knute Buehler

• State Senator District 30: Cliff Bentz

• State House District 53: Jack Zika

• State House District 54 Cheri Helt

• State House District 55: Mike McLane

• State House District 59: Daniel G. Bonham

• Measure 102, Affordable housing bonds: Yes

• Measure 103, Constitutional amendment, ban on grocery taxes: Yes

• Measure 104, Constitutional amendment, legislative three-fifths supermajority required to raise taxes, fees: Yes

• Measure 105, Repeals state sanctuary law regarding illegal immigrants: No

• Measure 106, Constitutional amendment barring use of public funds for abortion, with limits: No

Deschutes County

• Deschutes County Commissioner Position 1: Amy Lowes

• Deschutes County Commissioner Position 3: James Cook

• Bend City Council Position 5: Andrew Davis

• Bend City Council Position 6: Sarah McCormick

• Bend City Council Position 7, mayor: Bill Moseley

• Redmond Mayor: Ed Fitch

• Redmond City Council (choose three): Jon Bullock, Jay Patrick, Krisanna Clark-Endicott

• Measure 9-125, Redmond school bond: Yes

• Measure 9-122, City of Sisters, allows sale of recreational, medicinal marijuana: Yes

• Measure 9-123, City of Sisters, imposes city tax on sale of recreational marijuana: Yes

• Measure 9-124 La Pine Park & Recreation District local option levy: Yes

• Crooked River Ranch Rural Fire Protection District local option levy: Yes

Jefferson County

• Jefferson County Jail operating levy: Yes

• City of Culver Ballot Measure, prohibits growth, processing, sale of marijuana in the city: Yes

• Crooked River Ranch Rural Fire Protection District local option levy: Yes

Crook County

• Bowman Museum, local option levy: Yes