Editor’s note: The following editorials originally published in The Bend Bulletin on Nov. 11, 1904 and the second two were from Nov. 14, 1904.

Apparently with the notion that it is justifying the Prineville knockers, the Prineville Review sagely and ambiguously observes that “there are knockers everywhere, even right at Bend.” If this is so let us have their names. With that peculiar bias characteristic of the Review, which never had a soul of its own and is never so amused as when thugs and scoundrels assault decent citizens and never so shocked as when decent citizens take steps to protect themselves, whose every sympathy is with the crooked and characterless elements of human society, from the lowest dregs to the top-most scum — with that peculiar bias it doubtless regards the efforts of Bend people to develop this country in the face of Prineville hostility as most reprehensible knocking. Let us have the names and then we can form a better judgment as to the facts. Bend people are for the advancement of this whole country, and their energy will eventually pull Prineville out of the hole in spite of herself. We have no use for people who have not faith in the country; such are but parasites wherever they are. We want no penal colony; no person confined here against his will. People of clear heads and sound muscles, who do not expect of a sprouting community the characteristics of one gone to seed, who have sense and faith in themselves and their brethern the country are the ones we want, and they are not knockers.


There is an opening at Bend for a good dentist.


The area proposed to be included in the municipal corporation of Bend is but little more than the town plat. From the southeast corner of the platted portion the lines run westward to the river taking the Rowlee dwelling in the city, thence passing, down the west bank of the river to a point abreast of “Dad” West’s present dwelling, then east to the Wiest corner and, taking in the Wiest residence, thence southward to close.

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