Dog adopted from the Humane Society of Central Oregon.

Looks like the Bend City Council may vote Wednesday to ban stores from selling dogs, cats or rabbits. None of the pet stores in Bend sell them now. So it won’t be much of a change.

Why bother, then? Why fix something that is not a problem?

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As much as I believe the sale of animals is problematic and potentially a cruel practice, I have to agree with Weed and T.I. The term "socially" unacceptable is terribly off-putting to some who feel government has no business dictating morals. Whoever the City Hall spokesperson is, please take a course in public relations. Messaging has been a huge part of creating unforced errors for the City of Bend. Language, sometimes, is everything.


You know, I've got a few things that I "think" are no longer socially acceptable- where do I send my list?

Transitory Inflation

'None of the pet stores in Bend sell them now. [...] Why bother, then?'

So you see, our high council is gifted with both an unlimited amount of time and resources, and also the desire to codify into public ordinance what is, or is not, socially acceptable at any given point in the zeitgeist.

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