Editorial: Amendment wouldn’t fix housing bill

House Speaker Tina Kotek’s House Bill 2001 cuts communities out of deciding how they grow. … Read more

Editorial: Lottery winners should not be granted anonymity

Winning the lottery in Oregon may bring piles of cash, but it could also bring … Read more

Column: Former foster child, furry pal star in calendar

Put a really cute little blond boy together with an equally attractive Australian labradoodle, and … Read more

Historical editorial: Not Dr. Perkins’ fault

Editor’s note: The following editorial originally appeared in The Bulletin on April 24, 1903. Under … Read more

Editorial: Stop the Legislature from taking kicker money

Oregon taxpayers may have heard they would be getting a big, fat kicker check on … Read more

Editorial: Action, not substance, is the problem

Oregon Senate Bill 970, a committee bill with no individual sponsor, makes changes in the … Read more

Editorial: ACLU wrong to oppose bill allowing people to sell own health information

Health providers and technology companies are looking for ways to make money off your personal … Read more

Editorial: Sometimes smoke is good

Bend is likely to be smoky this year. If all goes well, however, a relatively … Read more

Editorial: No special treatment for the press

The Oregon Legislature has, for now, at least a dozen bills dealing with public records … Read more

Editorial: Taxpayers should not have to fund candidates they don’t like

Somebody — or somebodies — in the Legislature has proposed a new solution to the … Read more

Editorial: Let voters decide on death penalty

Oregonians have been of two minds about the death penalty over the years. That’s why … Read more

Editorial: Put Mirror Pond dredging to a vote

Bend city councilors discussed the future of Mirror Pond again Wednesday. Though they didn’t reach … Read more

Editorial: Ballot measures should be clear about funding

Ballot measures are not always the best way to conduct public policy, but they do … Read more

Editorial: Don’t means test mortgage deduction

Oregon lawmakers continue to look for new and creative ways to reach into taxpayers’ pockets. … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers’ misguided push to erase criminal history

When an Oregon governor issues a pardon, it can send a powerful message. It can … Read more

Stevens column: Legal aid an important piece of justice

They’re the civil law version of public defenders, and as such, legal aid lawyers in … Read more

Historical editorial: Salutatory

Editor’s note: The following editorial from March 27, 1903, was one of the first editorials … Read more

Editorial: Bend school-employee union ignores its members

Oregon public-sector unions portray themselves as democratically run for their members. But a recent decision … Read more

Editorial: Pass bill changing campus security

When Kaylee Sawyer was offered a ride in 2016 by Edwin Lara, then a Central … Read more

Editorial: There’s a better use for stamp money

It’s back. For the third time in five years, Oregon lawmakers are being asked to … Read more

Editorial: Money for the classroom should not go to unions

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2018 Janus decision changed how public-sector unions can operate, … Read more

Editorial: Close immunization hole

Children are vaccinated against such diseases as measles, polio, whooping cough and tetanus to keep … Read more

Editorial: Bend tourism agency hides spending discussions from taxpayers

When Visit Bend and the city of Bend broke direct ties in 2014, Visit Bend … Read more

Editorial: Politics, child safety don’t mix

A 9-month-old boy stopped breathing at a Eugene day care facility Aug. 22. He was … Read more

Editorial: Hold a vote on Mirror Pond

Bend city councilors hesitated once again Wednesday night when considering the fate of Mirror Pond. … Read more

Editorial: No reason to raise lawmakers’ salaries

Ranked by state, Oregon lawmakers fall squarely into the middle of the pack when it … Read more

Editorial: The emergency that wasn’t, part two

Staff at Wednesday’s Bend City Council meeting answered the question we posed in Thursday’s editorial: … Read more

Historical editorial: Farm roads

Editor’s note: The following editorials originally appeared in The Bulletin on March 13, 1919, and … Read more

Editorial: Fines are fine; bounties are not

There’s a bill in the Oregon Legislature that would dramatically increase the fines for violating … Read more

Editorial: Why didn’t Bend declare a snow emergency?

If this has not been a snow emergency in Bend, what is? Bend had record … Read more

Editorial: Accountability missing for county’s radio problems

When people make mistakes in government, are they held accountable?

That question comes to mind … Read more

Editorial: Bill would cost power customers more

Oregon House Bill 3174 surely is among the shortest in the Legislature this session. Sponsored … Read more

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