Editorial: Don’t hide information about day cares

Oregon regulators should be upfront with parents about problems identified at state licensed child-care centers. … Read more

Editorial: Fix pot inspections and pot law

Oregon’s system for tracking medical marijuana is a mess of the state’s own making. It … Read more

Editorial: Don’t force schools to teach gun safety

Two Central Oregonians, Jerrad Robison of Redmond and Ston McDaniel of Prineville, already are working … Read more

Editorial: Bend does not need to expand censure power

The Bend City Council’s rules for censure may block the council from being able to … Read more

Editorial: Settle turf war in favor of turf

The Bend planning commission didn’t reach a firm decision when it ruled recently about artificial … Read more

Editorial: Land-use process broken

Brianna and Eric Cadwell and John Shepherd are all too aware of a problem that … Read more

Editorial: Stop cheating Oregon on testing

Oregon has been cheating students and parents on testing. The recent announcement that Oregon high … Read more

Editorial: A slingshot, a bus shelter and a court opinion worth reading

Oregon Appeals Court ruling dispenses common sense with a smile

For pure reading enjoyment, Oregon Court of Appeals opinions aren’t in the same league as … Read more

Editorial: Public still needs answers

It’s still unclear what exactly led to the firing of Joe McHaney, now the former … Read more

Editorial: Nuisance ordinance could help Prineville

The Prineville City Council is considering an ordinance giving police a tool to deal with … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: End no-poaching employment practice

Ellen Rosenblum, Oregon’s attorney general, has joined her counterparts in nine other states and the … Read more

Editorial: Texting slips through public records loophole

When a city councilor, school official or state worker sends a text message relating to … Read more

Editorial: Trump, Walden did right in Hammond pardon

Tuesday, President Donald Trump granted full pardons to Dwight and Steven Hammond, the Harney County … Read more

Editorial: DHS works to delay and conceal progress on foster care

What a terrible time for the Oregon Department of Human Services to conceal what it’s … Read more

Editorial: Nathan Boddie needs to step down from his House race and resign from the Bend City Council

Nathan Boddie should drop out of the race to represent Bend in the Oregon House … Read more

Editorial: Time to limit Chandler parking

As developers move closer to building a five-story apartment building on Chandler Avenue in southwest … Read more

Editorial: The PERS plight of Bend schools

Superintendent decries Legislature’s ‘pending and compounding’ crisis

Last month, the Bend-La Pine School Board adopted a budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year. … Read more

Editorial: Two measures tax-weary voters should support

Gov. Kate Brown really didn’t want a trio of ballot measures dealing with taxes and … Read more

Editorial: Don’t acquiesce to a faulty Deschutes radio system

The message from Deschutes County about the new digital 911 radio system for law enforcement … Read more

Editorial: The Bend Police Department’s ‘public information officer’

Why does someone who jerks reporters around have this job?

If you run a public agency, shouldn’t the first quality you look for in a … Read more

Editorial: Prove fee increase is needed for boats

The Oregon State Marine Board faces a problem. Though there are fewer motorized recreational boats … Read more

Editorial: Pass Walden bill to reduce fire danger

Nothing is a guarantee against wildfire in Central Oregon. But the federal government needs to … Read more

Editorial: Wedding fight should end with weddings

John Shepherd may be near the end of a battle he’s been fighting for years. … Read more

Editorial: Let voters decide

It appears Oregonians may be asked to vote on at least three tax-related ballot measures … Read more

Editorial: Hold a public hearing on Bend apartments

The public deserves to be heard on the four-story apartment building proposed near the Bend … Read more

Annapolis mourns Capital Gazette victims: ‘They were part of us’

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The crowd sang the last notes of “Amazing Grace,” and Pat Furgurson … Read more

Editorial: Let some e-bikes on singletrack

More and more mountain bikers are seeing e-bikes out on the trails. E-bikes are illegal … Read more

Editorial: BLM is again less than open about public records

Here’s a tale of two federal agencies — the Forest Service and the Bureau of … Read more

Editorial: Bend shouldn’t pick business flavors it likes

The Bend City Council may lower development fees for new child care centers. It’s exactly … Read more

Editorial: Profits not the problem with CCOs

Former Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber made a public appearance Wednesday when he spoke to a … Read more

Editorial: Don’t act in haste on Boddie allegations

Bend City Councilor Sally Russell suggested Tuesday that “if the findings show Councilor (Nathan) Boddie … Read more

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