Historical editorial: Forest reserve rules not supported by law

Editor’s note: The following historical editorial is from the Aug. 21, 1903, edition of The … Read more

Editorial: Kicker money belongs to taxpayers

Tina Kotek, the Democratic speaker of the Oregon House, doesn’t get it. Oregon’s kicker money, … Read more

Editorial: Lawmakers set to put teeth in food inspections

Oregon consumers expect the food they eat to be safe, and the 2019 Legislature is … Read more

Editorial: The election’s worst

The worst loser in the May election has to be Redmond School Board member ­Johnny … Read more

Editorial: Bend pushes puzzling parking

Drive into the city of Bend parking lot at the corner of Wall Street and … Read more

Editorial: Here’s what one-party rule really means

Oregon’s House and Senate are dominated by Democrats. There’s nothing particularly wrong with that so … Read more

Editorial: Council hides information from the public about Mirror Pond

What a terrible time to hide information from the public about Mirror Pond. Just as … Read more

Editorial: Put Mirror Pond dredging to a vote

Enough is enough. For more than 20 years, Bend city officials have discussed the fate … Read more

Editorial: Limit parking near Bend’s whitewater park

River surfing has turned McKay Park into a dreamland for some and a dystopia for … Read more

Editorial: PERS plan passes on costs to the future

Hello, young Oregonians. This editorial is for you. House Speaker Tina Kotek and Senate President … Read more

Editorial: Don’t hamstring Oregon’s enterprise zones

Just when Oregon should be trying to encourage economic development, an ill-conceived bill threatens to … Read more

Historical Editorials: Bend’s population hits 250

Editor’s note: The following editorials appeared in The Bend Bulletin on July 31, 1903, Aug. … Read more

Editorial: Your vote matters in May 21 election

The May 21 election offers Central Oregon voters an opportunity to have a direct impact … Read more

Editorial: Cities wrong to oppose public records bill

Oregon House Bill 2353 would put teeth in the Legislature’s 2017 law that set deadlines … Read more

Editorial: New business tax is bad business for Oregon

The new tax that may be levied on Oregon businesses to raise money for schools … Read more

Editorial: Pot grow site bill should not have died

House Bill 3403, co-­sponsored by Jack Zika, R-Redmond, Cheri Helt, R-Bend, and Anna Williams, D-Hood … Read more

Editorial: Central Oregon wilderness-access plan riddled with flaws

The U.S. Forest Service has decided to build a wall of permits and fees to … Read more

Editorial: Bend cannot afford to flunk affordable housing

The Bend City Council has renewed its goal of adding more affordable housing to Bend. … Read more

Editorial: Redmond shouldn’t have muddled the tax message

Redmond’s system development charges haven’t been raised in almost a decade, so it may be … Read more

Editorial: The Bulletin’s endorsements for the May election

Below are The Bulletin’s endorsements for the May 21 special election. Ballots must be returned … Read more

Editorial: Campbell’s behavior is inappropriate, again

Bend City Councilor Barb Campbell is a woman who cares deeply about a host of … Read more

Historical editorial: Pay your personal road tax

Editor’s note: The following editorial originally appeared in the July 10, 1903, issue of The … Read more

Editorial: State should not blot out history of crimes

When an Oregon governor issues a pardon, it doesn’t mean a crime did not occur. … Read more

Editorial: Vax bill faces one more major hurdle

House Bill 3063 passed the Oregon House Monday, on a largely party-line vote. It now … Read more

Editorial: State stacks the deck against OSU-Cascades

The OSU-Cascades campus faced opposition before it could launch. And now the state’s funding formula … Read more

Editorial: Penalize agencies for failing to fill records requests

Oregon courts have repeatedly affirmed the public’s right to public information, but many government institutions … Read more

Editorial: Vote Don Hedrick for Sisters School Board

Two seats on the Sisters School District’s governing board will be filled at the May … Read more

Editorial: Merge emergency services in Jefferson County

Officials from the Matrix Consulting Group will update leadership of Jefferson County’s emergency medical and … Read more

Editorial: The Bulletin’s endorsements for the May election

Below are The Bulletin’s endorsements for the May 21 special election. Ballots must be returned … Read more

Editorial: Oregon shouldn’t guarantee profits for pot industry

Lower prices for consumers are a good thing, but some state lawmakers want to “fix” … Read more

Editorial: Legislature poised to pass sales tax

Call it what you will, Oregon House Bill 3427 is a sales tax. It passed … Read more

Editorial: Re-elect Andy High to Bend school board

Business owner and incumbent Andy High is challenged by pastor Shimiko Montgomery for a seat … Read more

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