Editorial: Find a less lopsided way to do redistricting

If Kevin Mannix, a former state lawmaker from Salem, were serious about a balanced method … Read more

Editorial: Avoid free speech limits

This election season in Oregon has been an expensive one, with the race for governor … Read more

Editorial: Oregon continues to fail foster children

A state audit found in January that Oregon’s child welfare system was so disorganized and … Read more

Editorial: Department of Justice orders release of records related to Oregon’s super-secret gas tax

DOJ rejected claim that transparency would hamper credit market

For an organization devoted to clear air and clean water, the Oregon Department of Environmental … Read more

Editorial: Powell Butte couple prevails against LandWatch legal barrage

Central Oregon LandWatch is out to do environmental good as if chased by the devil. … Read more

Editorial: Redmond will need to try again with a school bond

Redmond School District officials have some serious thinking ahead of them. A school bond measure … Read more

Editorial: Prepare for the Legislature’s taxing superpowers

If you don’t like taxes, Wednesday was a rough morning in Oregon. Final results are … Read more

Editorial: Deja vu in Jefferson County

Jefferson County residents can be forgiven if the recent defeat of a jail operating levy … Read more

Editorial: Stick to voluntary actions to meet Bend green goals

Bend city councilors are trying to be kind to the environment with their goal of … Read more

Editorial: The Mirror Pond budget blowout

Is raising the price the best way to sell taxpayers on dredging?

Dredging Mirror Pond is a sensible use of city and park district money, yet leaders … Read more

Editorial: School district has some explaining to do on fire safety

The front page of Sunday’s Bulletin featured an outrageous story of a lax attitude toward … Read more

Editorial: Don’t keep prison reforms secret

Fortunately for Oregonians, it can be difficult to keep secrets in Salem. Thus, news that … Read more

Editorial: State should be open about pot grows

Drug manufacturers have to follow all sorts of rules to keep their products and the … Read more

Editorial: Good intentions trump good sense in anti-bag crusade

Plastic grocery bags don’t fall apart when they get wet. They can be reused. They … Read more

Editorial: Tidy up government records

Lynne Saxton, the former head of the Oregon Health Authority, resigned suddenly in 2017 after … Read more

Editorial: Community would benefit from openness at St. Charles

The St. Charles Health System, which owns all the hospitals in Central Oregon, missed the … Read more

Editorial: Studded tires have their place

Winter is coming, and even if it comes with warm El Nino weather conditions, roads … Read more

Editorial: Have your say; vote

As of Tuesday night, with just seven days until the election, less than a third … Read more

Editorial: Starnes cheats Oregonians

Patrick Starnes was, until midday on Tuesday, the Independent Party’s candidate for governor. Then he … Read more

Editorial: Resist climate-change policies that make Bend less affordable

Bend’s plan to reach the goal of reducing fossil fuel use in the community by … Read more

Editorial: The sin within sin taxes

The Oregon Health Authority is proposing whopping tax increases as a way to balance its … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Department of Justice should force Oregon’s super-secret gas tax into the sunshine

Agency weighs arguments for transparency against demands of road-fuel industries

Earlier this month, the Department of Environmental Quality refused to release information that would shed … Read more

Editorial: Fix pay disparity for public defenders

When the accused in Oregon can’t afford a lawyer, court-appointed indigent defense lawyers give them … Read more

Editorial: Get to work on drug prices

Patients got a win earlier this month when President Donald Trump signed into law two … Read more

Editorial: Say ‘no’ to Bend transportation fee

The numbers get big quick when you start imagining Bend’s transportation needs for the next … Read more

Editorial: Why does the Bend Radio Group hate Bill Moseley?

Mayoral candidate stuck up for livability and public safety

Why does the Bend Radio Group hate Bend City Councilor Bill Moseley so much? You … Read more

Editorial: County radio challenges aren’t over yet

When Bend police officers alleged in December that the county’s new law enforcement radio system … Read more

Editorial: Brown puts politics before trust

How times have changed. “We must restore the public trust,” Gov. Kate Brown told Oregonians … Read more

Editorial: Curb rent control impulse

Oregon has a workforce housing problem. Too many of the men and women who work … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes County’s stinky rule for pot

Farming can make a stink. Cattle smell. Goats smell. Chickens smell. Some crops smell, too. … Read more

Editorial: Oregon’s super-secret gas tax

State refuses to disclose subsidies distributed under complex ‘clean fuels’ law

The Secretary of State’s Office recently released a summary of lessons learned from Oregon’s disastrous … Read more

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