Editorial: Brown gets down and dirty

Monday, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, the Democrat who is running to hold on to her … Read more

Editorial: Teen sex not always abuse

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum issued an official opinion this week saying sexual activity between … Read more

Editorial: Gov. Brown has a disappointing record on openness

Gov. Kate Brown swept into office in 2015, declaring: We “must strengthen laws to ensure … Read more

Editorial: Don’t delay scheduling a Congressional debate

Voters should be able to see a debate between Republican incumbent Greg Walden and Democratic … Read more

Editorial: Fill hole on Culver ballot

As things now stand, at least one seat on a local city council will remain … Read more

Editorial: Wyden needs to do more for Crooked River Ranch

Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, has a bill to help reduce fire danger to Crooked … Read more

Editorial: Brown comes to the aid of imprisoned veterans

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown took on her own Department of Corrections recently, and veterans won. … Read more

Editorial: Don’t set up Bend transportation plan to fail

The city of Bend should be clear that its understanding of what the public wants … Read more

Editorial: Gov. Openness should release records

For all the talk from Gov. Kate Brown of supporting government openness and transparency, she … Read more

Editorial: Honor Plants and don’t stop there

The Bend-La Pine School Board is scheduled to discuss honoring retired Mountain View High School … Read more

Editorial: No special treatment for neighborhood associations

Bend’s neighborhood associations are still a relatively new commodity, less than 20 years old. They … Read more

Editorial: Health-care taxes for the poor should be broadly based

When Oregon had a $900 million budget hole to fill for medical care for the … Read more

Editorial: Hold Harris and county employees accountable

Trust can be hard to come by when it comes to Deschutes County’s new law … Read more

Editorial: 911 Director Reinke did not do as well as possible

For months Deschutes County government has struggled to fix problems with the county’s new $5.5 … Read more

Editorial: Police reports are not exempt from disclosure

The Woodburn Independent, a weekly newspaper in a community about the size of Redmond near … Read more

Editorial: Increased scrutiny by auditors a good thing

Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson is a man on a mission. He wants his … Read more

Editorial: Street-sleeping ruling raises questions for Central Oregon

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that cities cannot arrest the homeless for … Read more

Commentary: Brown: Oregon ends at the mountains

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, the Democrat who’s running for re-election this year against Republican Knute … Read more

Editorial: Bend invests in making it hard to park

Does Bend’s government care if it’s hard for you to find a place to park … Read more

Editorial: Bar suit makes good points

A pair of lawyers is suing the Oregon State Bar, arguing they shouldn’t be required … Read more

Editorial: Ditches shouldn’t be declared historic

It can be a relief to see two opposing groups find a way to compromise. … Read more

Editorial: State isn’t careful enough about audits

Oregon law requires 30 state agencies to have internal auditors. It’s the job of those … Read more

Editorial: Gov. Brown silent on the big question

The two leading candidates for governor, Republican Knute Buehler of Bend and incumbent Democrat Kate … Read more

Editorial: Consent needed for union dues

The Janus decision by the U.S. Supreme Court has caused state and local governments to … Read more

Editorial: Don’t break faith with voters on property taxes

The Oregon Legislature seems certain to consider property tax reform when it meets next year. … Read more

Editorial: Redmond’s awkward Council election

Two candidates are married to each other

In November, Redmond voters will choose a majority of the city’s City Council: three councilors … Read more

Editorial: COCC must prove its worth to Lake County

Nobody should be able to get out from paying taxes simply because they feel they … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes County oversight went AWOL on radio system

Going into the November elections, let’s get a few things straight about Deschutes County’s $5.5 … Read more

Editorial: Fully participate already in sexual misconduct investigation

When Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian filed a complaint with his own office against legislative … Read more

Editorial: Heed fire chief’s wise words

Fire danger in Central Oregon is extreme. That’s no surprise: Temperatures have been high and … Read more

Editorial: Democrats have made a mess, and ballot-box games won’t fix it

Party notables would like voters to support new third-party candidate Amanda La Bell

Gov. Kate Brown, Sen. Jeff Merkley and other Democratic notables are suddenly scrambling to support … Read more

Editorial: Jefferson County should look at consolidating emergency services

Jefferson County’s Fire District #1 and Emergency Medical Services should consolidate to improve the effectiveness … Read more

Editorial: Enforce current Bend parking rules

The cure proposed for parking in downtown Bend may be worse than the problem. Adding … Read more

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