Editorial: Oregon should not rush into big healthcare change

Oregon lawmakers are taking the first steps toward providing a single-payer health system for everyone … Read more

Editorial: Bend has some promising ideas for housing flexibility

Bend city councilors, staff and residents will always debate what the city should be doing … Read more

Editorial: Democrats stack the deck against ballot measure

Business groups have made it clear they don’t like House Bill 3427, a hidden sales … Read more

Editorial: Helt’s bills deserve more legislative attention

With roughly two weeks left in the 2019 session of the Oregon Legislature, two bills … Read more

Historical editorial: Murder investigation was a farce

Editor’s note: The following historical editorials originally appeared in the Bend Bulletin on Sept. 25, … Read more

Editorial: Just say no to feeding wildlife

It’s mighty tempting to feed the deer, gray squirrels, bunnies and other wild critters that … Read more

Editorial: Union won’t let members leave when they want

Joining the Oregon Education Association is simple for the approximately 44,000 educators who want to … Read more

Editorial: Woodriver Village deserves leeway on sidewalks

The Bend City Council’s direction to allow Woodriver Village to get an exemption from the … Read more

Editorial: Legislature prepares health care boon for state employees

What the Legislature takes away, the Legislature can return. Thus, thanks to House Bill 2266, … Read more

Editorial: State shouldn’t dictate hospital charity care

Apparently with nothing better to do, a group of Oregon lawmakers has decided to take … Read more

Editorial: Legislature undermines Supreme Court’s Janus decision

Democrats in the Oregon Legislature paid their union dues on this session. Lawmakers approved, largely … Read more

Editorial: Legislature taxes the trust of Oregonians

The reason Oregonians can put their absolute trust in state government is because our elected … Read more

Editorial: Pot expungement bill creates problems

Oregon is on its way to making it even easier for residents to have previous … Read more

Editorial: Jury award bill’s failure a win for Oregonians

Tuesday Oregon lawmakers rejected a bill that would have dramatically raised the amount juries can … Read more

Editorial: Oregon foster care still isn’t where it needs to be

In January 2018 the Oregon secretary of state released a scathing audit of the state … Read more

Editorial: Veterans and Walden deserve answers from the VA

Few people doubt this country’s verbal commitment to its veterans. But is it backed up … Read more

Historical editorial: Farming should be the future

Editor’s note: The following editorial originally appeared in the Aug. 23, 1903 Bend Bulletin. Farming … Read more

Editorial: Don’t limit carbon tax rebates

As the Oregon Legislature runs pell-mell toward imposing huge new taxes on gasoline, it’s also … Read more

Editorial: Sen. Manning is prepared to wave goodbye to Oregon businesses

State Sen. James Manning Jr., D-Eugene, said in May on the Senate floor that Oregon … Read more

Editorial: OSU-Cascades will build new parking lot, cause more parking problems

These are the days to cherish, if you live or work near Oregon State University-Cascades. … Read more

Editorial: Deschutes County Commission should treat pot fairly

You’re probably right to suspect that the Deschutes County Commission isn’t particularly fond of marijuana … Read more

Editorial: Bend council should make parking change

The problem with parking in Bend is that there’s at once too little and too … Read more

Editorial: Shine a light on betting contract

Oregon generally operates on the assumption that the value of sunlight goes beyond vitamin D. … Read more

Editorial: Sign up for a better green deal for Oregonians

The cost of Oregon’s green goodness will come at the pump. To get Oregonians to … Read more

Editorial: Forest Service makes a flawed pitch about wilderness plan

U.S. Forest Service staff made some remarkable statements on Friday about the wilderness plan for … Read more

Editorial: Time to rethink ethics rules

Oregon State Rep. Greg Smith, R-Heppner, abides by the ethics rules that govern the Legislature. … Read more

Editorial: Kicker belongs to taxpayers

There it sits, a gleaming pot full of money, about $1.4 billion, to be exact. … Read more

Editorial: Hummel should be willing to compromise on budget request

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel has told the county he needs about $1 million … Read more

Historical editorials: Let people keep their forest land

Editor’s note: The following historical editorials were originally published in The Bend Bulletin on Oct. … Read more

Editorial: Crooked River Ranch fire treatment too slow

With another wildfire season fast approaching, we checked in with the Bureau of Land Management … Read more

Editorial: $40 million is a big deal

Once again the Oregon Department of Human Services is in the news, and once again … Read more

Editorial: Investigate Sheriff Nelson’s tactic in chase

Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson’s signature is right at the top of his office’s vehicle … Read more

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