Editorial: Forest Service’s underwhelming wilderness access plan

In maybe only a few weeks or days, the Forest Service will release more details … Read more

Editorial: Brown’s action a good sign

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has had enough. After more than a year of criticism of … Read more

Editorial: Car-camping fix should be fair to all Bend neighborhoods

Residents near downtown Bend say their neighborhood changed dramatically for the worse a few weeks … Read more

Historical editorial: Agriculture is the future

Editor’s note: The following editorial was originally published in The Bend Bulletin on June 5, … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Meet our homeless neighbors

Here are a couple of facts about Oregon and the homeless who live here. From … Read more

Editorial: Legislature shouldn’t pass unfair tax

Employees of businesses with thin profit margins should start worrying about what the Oregon Legislature … Read more

Editorial: Expand affordable housing program across state

Redmond is in. Bend is in. Every other city in Oregon is out, and the … Read more

Editorial: Interim scooter ban makes sense

Shared electric scooters may be headed toward Bend, though they won’t arrive until at least … Read more

Editorial: PERS debate kicks off late

It’s been the practice in Oregon politics in the last few years to put off … Read more

Editorial: State should follow BOLI’s lead on records

Public records belong to the public, but obtaining them in Oregon can be a challenge. … Read more

Editorial: Give OSAA group time to work

An ugly incident on Jan. 23 apparently was the final straw that led to introduction … Read more

Editorial: Protect kids, release contract

Oregon’s Department of Human Services foster care problems continue to grow. According to an article … Read more

Editorial: Legislature failed the public on kicker bill

Gov. Kate Brown signs some bills with great fanfare. Smiling legislators and sometimes members of … Read more

Editorial: Oregon hides problems from the public

It might not be official state policy, but it’s a recurring theme in Oregon government: … Read more

Editorial: PERS measures are a good start

As things now stand the ­Oregon Public Employees Retirement System has an unfunded liability of … Read more

Editorial: Legislature shouldn’t ignore education after high school

The message you hear over and over again from educators is K-12 isn’t enough anymore. … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Challenged books make good reading

When I was a kid of about 10, I read Grace Metalious’ “Peyton Place” by … Read more

Historic editorial: The school board in harmony

Editor’s note: The following editorial from The Bend Bulletin was originally published on May 22, … Read more

Editorial: Federal government wastes Deschutes water

The federal government has found a use for water from the Deschutes River: wasting it. … Read more

Editorial: Deputy DAs do not need cop-style PERS benefits

Multnomah County has problems keeping deputy district attorneys on the job, says the Multnomah County … Read more

Editorial: Don’t allow rolling stop for bicyclists

Stop signs mean stop. Yet a bill to make stopping optional for bicyclists moved ahead … Read more

Editorial: Kill public employee insurance bill

Just two years ago, Democrats in the Oregon Legislature and Gov. Kate Brown made a … Read more

Editorial: Protect those who request public records from lawsuits

Request public records in Oregon and you put yourself at risk of being sued. That … Read more

Editorial: Support piping project

Piping irrigation water in Deschutes County makes good sense. Just ask the folks who run … Read more

Editorial: Every new house helps

Solving Oregon’s housing problems will take local and statewide efforts. Senate Bill 88 should be … Read more

Editorial: Oregon flies into a mess for travelers

A little more than a year from now, Oregonians may not be able to board … Read more

Editorial: Long, expensive fight highlights problems

John Shepherd’s long, expensive fight to be allowed to hold weddings on his rural property … Read more

Editorial: Don’t jack up cost of medical care

Thanks to a 2016 Oregon Supreme Court ruling, Oregon caps how much jurors can award … Read more

Editorial: Bend may allow more murals on walls. Why not relax sign code too?

The city of Bend took a very, very, very, big step Wednesday night — for … Read more

Janet Stevens column: Feeder’s a stage for small birds

If the March cold and snow did nothing else good, it brought birds to the … Read more

Historical editorial: Misdirected zeal

Editor’s note: The following editorial originally appeared in The Bend Bulletin on May 15, 1903. … Read more

Editorial: Make kombucha tax free

Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and U.S. Reps. Earl Blumenauer, D-Portland, and Greg Walden, R-Hood River, … Read more

Editorial: A most sneaky attack on Oregon taxpayers

Watching the Oregon Legislature, sometimes we sit back and marvel. Think of yourself as clever … Read more

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