Editorial: Oregon’s super-secret gas tax

State refuses to disclose subsidies distributed under complex ‘clean fuels’ law

The Secretary of State’s Office recently released a summary of lessons learned from Oregon’s disastrous … Read more

Editorial: Approve Redmond school bond

Voters in the Redmond School District, which extends from Crooked River Ranch to parts of … Read more

Editorial: Museum levy is a bargain

Crook County’s Bowman Museum thrives, in part, because county taxpayers have supported it over the … Read more

Editorial: Buehler the best choice for Oregon

With all Gov. Kate Brown’s years in power, all the billions spent, all the supposed … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Vote ‘no’ on Measure 105

Inflammatory immigration initiative is a solution in search of a problem

Oregon voters will be asked this fall to repeal Oregon’s so-called sanctuary law. Adopted roughly … Read more

Editorial: No need for Buehler’s tax returns

It should come as no surprise that two former Oregon governors, both Democrats, have asked … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Vote no on Measure 106

Oregonians have a long and proud history of protecting all women’s right to an abortion, … Read more

Editorial: McCormick for Bend City Council

There’s really only one good candidate for the Bend City Council Position 6. Sarah McCormick … Read more

Editorial: Fitch for mayor and Bullock, Clark-Endicott and Patrick for Redmond Council

Voters have been put in an awkward spot by the choices for Redmond mayor and … Read more

Editorial: Bentz for District 30

Cliff Bentz was appointed to fill the Senate District 30 seat formerly occupied by Ted … Read more

Editorial: Here’s proof every vote counts

Tuesday is the last day Central Oregonians can register if they hope to vote in … Read more

Editorial: Both candidates are wrong

Oregon’s top two gubernatorial candidates met Tuesday night for a third and final debate. Republican … Read more

Editorial: Mike McLane for House District 55

The race for House District 55 is noteworthy for how much Republican incumbent Mike McLane … Read more

Editorial cartoon

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Editorial: Walden the best choice for 2nd Congressional District

If there’s one thing Rep. Greg Walden, R-Hood River, pays attention to, it’s the people … Read more

Editorial: Give Bonham full term in House

Daniel Bonham, 41, was appointed to fill the legislative vacancy created when Rep. John Huffman, … Read more

Editorial: Bill Moseley for Bend mayor

Bend will soon have its first directly elected mayor in decades. Among the six candidates … Read more

Editorial: Approve La Pine district levy

Voters in southern Deschutes County are being asked to approve a local option levy for … Read more

Editorial: Choose Davis for Bend Council

Of the three candidates to fill Nathan Boddie’s seat on the Bend City Council next … Read more

Editorial: Marine Board should be up front about fee

Put your canoe in a lake up in the Cascades, and the staff of Oregon … Read more

Editorial: Bend city policy chooses congestion

Bend City Council meetings are never hushed sanctuaries of politesse. But if you are a … Read more

Editorial: PERS pain increases as election nears

Pension board to consider new rates Friday

As if to remind Oregonians why the upcoming election matters so much, the board that … Read more

Editorial: Community standards should prevail

Two of Central Oregon’s smallest cities, Sisters and Culver, are asking voters to reconsider their … Read more

Editorial: Can’t we have the bipartisan without the bombast?

Oregonians are lucky to have a senator like Democrat Ron Wyden. It’s like we get … Read more

Editorial: Require Legislature to live up to Oregon Constitution

Oregon’s Constitution, Section 25, Article IV, is clear. “Three-fifths of all members elected to each … Read more

Editorial: Support Jefferson County jail levy

Jefferson County voters should support the new five-year jail operating levy on the November ballot. … Read more

Editorial: Vote yes on 103

Ballot Measure 103 can trace its roots to Measure 97, the gross receipts tax Oregonians … Read more

Editorial: Support affordable housing by voting yes on Measure 102

Measure 102, a legislative referral that will appear on the November ballot, is something of … Read more

Editorial: Don’t micromanage curriculum

A high school freshman from Lake Oswego, Claire Sarnowski, is on a mission. She, with … Read more

Editorial: Cheri Helt for state representative

The race to fill state Rep. Knute Buehler’s spot representing Bend in the Legislature has … Read more

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