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Walden did not do enough

Rep. Greg Walden issued a statement that he thought the President’s writings were inappropriate, offensive and should not be condoned. Then he turns around and votes no on the censure resolution and says the Democrats should be working on legislation rather than partisan battles. Where were the Republicans for the first two years of Trump’s presidency when they could have pushed through legislative fixes to our immigration laws. They were in the majority! Mr. Walden has questionable moral values to be criticizing Democrats when he did nothing when he was part of the majority party.

Allen Wright


Not so much has changed

As a regular reader who appreciates history, I have enjoyed The Bulletin’s reprinting its newspaper pages from 100 years ago, including the latest one dated July 16, 1919. Especially interesting are the advertisements that promoted movies and road shows, and other products ranging from Bevo the beverage, to Snow Flake crackers, to El Vampiro powdered poison to dispatch flies.

One ad that caught my attention in particular was placed by the Shevlin-Hixon Company, imploring farmers and businessmen to work together for the good of the community. It stated, in part, “IF they pull together, the progress and prosperity is certain to come. IF they listen to preachers of class hatred there can only be failure as a result.”

Now that we have a “preacher of class hatred” sitting in the White House (when he’s not out playing golf), these words ring especially true. It reminds me of the saying: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Richard Sitts


No place for Boquist in Legislature

The Bulletin’s editorial of July 10th suggests that we should go easy on Senator Brian Boquist. My question to the author of the editorial is “why?” When a public elected official spouts off the way Boquist did very publicly, he should pay the consequences through reprimand and by paying for the additional state troopers in the Capitol building when he appears. Words matter and words are a reflection of character. I suggest that this character has no place in the supposedly civil and deliberative body of our Legislature.

Paul Andrew Primak


Boquist should be expelled from state Senate

I am appalled and disgusted by your “Time to calm down about Sen. Boquist” editorial. I would hope the vast majority of your other readers are as well. In a time that has seen horrific workplace gun violence kill many innocent people, your attempt to sweep Sen. Boquist’s abhorrent comments under the rug is shameful. His comments deserve full censure, and he should be expelled from the Oregon Senate. His threatening behavior should not be tolerated for any reason.

Your shameful words further erode and corrupt the code of conduct and behavior that we should all adhere to at work, at home, on the road and at play. Sadly, all of these places have seen far too many episodes of deadly violence in recent times.

Richard Rushton


Carry a pooper scooper

What if… people walking their dogs on the trails carried a small, sturdy, reusable, lightweight scooper, perhaps clipped to the dog leash. When their dog poops on the trail, the owner can either bury the poop off the edge of the trail, or scoot it into the bushes and leaves nearby, where it can breakdown naturally. This would save the use of thousands of plastic poop bags, and keep those thousands of filled poop bags out of our landfill, plus we would see fewer forgotten poop bags along our beautiful trails. Oh, and thanks to all of you dog owners who leash and clean up after your dogs on trail… you are much appreciated.

Gail Sabbadini