Editor’s note: The following editorial originally appeared in the March 14, 1919 Bulletin.

As we see it the Oregon State Chamber of Commerce is an experiment. It is an effort to bring into cooperative activity all sections, and in doing so, to benefit the whole state. Because of the widespread feeling that Portland is selfish, and is usually seeing what can be done for Portland without reference to the rest of Oregon, an effort has been made to minimize the Portland share of the organization. It is widely advertised that the State Chamber was first proposed outside of Portland, and that the Portland voting strength is less than that of the state at large. So the support of the state is sought.

We believe the support should be given. Although an experiment, it is an important and even necessary experiment to make. If we are to achieve any sort of state unity it must be through some such organization and the State Chamber of Commerce is the best one for the purpose yet proposed. Grant that the headquarters of the chamber are in Portland and that the executive officers are Portland men.

It could hardly be otherwise with the state arranged as it is. And Portland has a very great interest in the success of the plan. The prosperity of the state is hers and she can be expected to do more than her share to make the experiment a success.

So we feel that the call for memberships now being made should meet with a ready response. The new chamber is planned to work for all of us. If it does its work well, the expense will have been well worthwhile, and it is worth the expense to see if in this way we cannot get what we need.