State Rep. Werner Reschke, R-Klamath Falls, believes Oregon has a bright future ahead with limited government, personal responsibility and liberty for all. “Your liberty first!” he says.

He also is out to expand the reach of Oregon government and start meddling in what businesses name their operations.

Reschke has introduced House Concurrent Resolution 15, which urges the Portland Trail Blazers to change the name of basketball team to the Oregon Trail Blazers.

What a presumptuous idea that the Legislature should tell a business what to call itself. So much for limited government.

The language of legislation like this is really something that should be experienced firsthand. Here’s an excerpt:

“Whereas ‘Blazermania’ affects Oregonians from all walks of life and from every area of the state, regardless of the city they call home;

and Whereas four NBA franchises include a home state rather than a city in their team names: the Golden State Warriors, the Utah Jazz, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Indiana Pacers;

and Whereas pioneers who blazed trails across America settled in all parts of Oregon …”

The resolution finishes with more rhetorical flourishes and urges the Portland Trail Blazers organization to change the name of the team to the Oregon Trail Blazers.

If Reschke wants to change the name, perhaps he should raise some money and buy the team.