In October, The Bulletin editorial page asked the Department of Environmental Quality to release documents that would show the public how their money is spent under Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program. The program acts as a fuel tax, raising the price of gas and diesel in order to subsidize alternative fuels businesses.

When DEQ refused to release the records, The Bulletin appealed to the state Department of Justice, which in November ordered DEQ to release the records.

Shortly thereafter, Chevron sued to stop the release. Its lawsuit targets not only the state agencies involved, but also the Bulletin editor who’d successfully requested public documents.

Below are The Bulletin’s editorials describing the ongoing fight for disclosure and the legal campaign by Chevron and others in the fuel industry against transparency and journalists who pursue it.

Oct. 20 Editorial: Oregon’s super-secret gas tax

Oct. 30 Editorial: Department of Justice should force Oregon’s super-secret gas tax into the sunshine

Nov. 9 Editorial: Department of Justice orders release of records related to Oregon’s super-secret gas tax

Nov. 15 Editorial: Chevron sues to keep public in dark about Oregon ‘green’ subsidy program

Nov. 15 Editorial: Chevron’s lawsuit targeting Bulletin highlights disturbing public-records trend

Nov. 21 Editorial: A tax credit, a trucking company and the importance of government openness

Nov. 28 Editorial: Iowa biofuel giant loves Oregon motorists … and secrecy

Dec. 5 Editorial: Lawmakers should ignore the fuel industry and dare to be different

Dec. 13 Editorial: The WSPA campaign against fuel-program transparency

Dec. 19 Editorial Cartoon: Chevron, fuel industry vs. government transparency