The bombardment of negative campaign ads can make watching television appalling this time of year. We all expect political ads to be partisan. But truth, fairness or even reasonableness are all too rare.

The most outrageous local one we have seen is an attack on Republican candidate Knute Buehler in his race for House District 54 in Bend.

Buehler is pro-choice. That is not hard to figure out.

His website says: “I am pro-choice and believe the issue of abortion should remain between a woman and her doctor — not government and politicians.” He adds he aspires to make abortion rare and safe, but legal.

Just so you know, Craig Wilhelm, who is running for the seat as a Democrat, is also pro-choice.

But there is a new video advertisement out paid for by Future PAC, the campaign committee of the House Democratic caucus. It says Buehler is “absent on choice.”

“Issues of women’s health are too important to be hiding the ball,” the ad says. “Knute, Oregon women deserve to know where you stand.”

Did the people at Future PAC read Buehler’s website?

The ad says its can be hard to figure out where Buehler stands because he is endorsed by a group that has different views on abortion than Buehler has. But there is no mystery about where Buehler stands.

The mystery is why House Democrats would be so blinded in their determination to defeat Buehler that they embraced this garbage.