A day in the park

Sunbathers and water users gather at Riverbend Park in Bend on May 9, 2020.

The Bend Park & Recreation District is looking at a list of 33 projects that could improve river habitat and impact access to the river. Is the district splurging or are the projects necessary? Are the projects wrong-headed or dead right?

The projects change river access for people, parking, where dogs can go in the river and more. Who pays for it? You do. It will be your taxes at work, though some of the funding for the projects will likely come from grants or community partnerships.

While the city of Bend is considering reducing parking requirements across the city, staff is recommending the park district add more parking at Riverbend Park. That’s based on survey responses and other feedback. Is that what you want?

A permanent off-leash dog river access point seems to be making it on the list for Riverbend Park. But based on the feedback the district has received already, staff recommends that two other seasonal access points be scrapped. Is that what you want? It’s far from the end of the debate in the plan about dogs and the river.

A potential project at Pioneer Park would remove the rock wall and create a riparian area. That’s the project survey respondents disagreed with the most. The district says the project would be costly and is unlikely to be completed in the district’s near-term plans. Staff recommends taking the project off the list. Is that what you want?

We just picked a few projects that might get you interested. There’s more information on the district’s website here: tinyurl.com/Bendparkplan. And the park board is scheduled to get a presentation from staff on the plan at its meeting Tuesday. Tell it what you think it should do. You can email the park board at board@bendparksandrec.org or write us a letter to the editor of up to 250 words and send it to letters@bendbulletin.com.

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Why not pay for and fix Bend's miserable streets first?

Just ask'in.

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