Legislative walkouts work in Oregon. They may not bring permanent victory. But they can halt the Legislature.

It’s easy to remember that Republicans recently walked out — in 2019, 2020 and 2021. Gov. Kate Brown criticized them.

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Transitory Inflation

'Brown said when she was the leader of the Senate Democrats in 2001 the action was “very appropriate under the circumstances.”'

But of course! With the obvious exception of our MAGA idiots, is there any American group more detestable than our politicians?


I think there is an inconsistency in an editorial zeitgeist that endorses nonpartisan County Commissioners while opposing penalties for walkouts.

Voters--especially Oregon voters--treasure open government and independent thinking in their elected representatives.

A walkout, almost by definition, involves ringleaders, plotting, and threats against law enforcement (as happened during the June 2019 walkout over the carbon-emissions bill). So much for open government.

Anyone who isn’t willfully naïve would expect pressure to be brought against legislators reluctant to participate in a walkout. So much for independence of thought.

And walkout participants--as this editorial shows--are all from a single party. So much for nonpartisanship.

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