Commercial Weed Bud Grown on Plant Under Warehouse Lights

Marijuana is legal in Oregon, but there’s a ballot measure in Deschutes County aimed at stopping new marijuana operations from opening in areas outside of the county’s cities.

The measure would limit additional commercial marijuana producers, processors and processing sites in areas outside of city limits in the county. So it would not change what happens within Bend, Redmond, Sisters or La Pine.

Voting “yes” means new businesses or operations could seek to open. Voting “no” means no more.

We urge you to vote “yes.” It’s not fair to cap new, legal businesses from opening and give existing businesses protection from competition.

Is there a limit to how many breweries, distilleries or farms that grow crops for them can exist in the county? No. Is there a limit in the county for other types of businesses? No. And there shouldn’t be a limit on pot.

Yes, marijuana is different. It’s newly legalized. It has not been easy for Deschutes County commissioners to settle on rules for how marijuana businesses should operate.

Some people who live outside the city limits don’t want to live near a pot farm. Noise, lights, traffic, construction, smell, water use, electricity use are just some of the problems people cite. But farms and agricultural operations that don’t grow marijuana can have the same issues, and there is no similar cap on them.

The other issue people have brought up is supply. They say there is enough marijuana. But again, we don’t put similar limits on how much supply there is of other legal agricultural products. It is not fair to do so for pot.

Vote “yes” on the county pot measure.

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If you live in an Exclusive Farm Use zone, you have no right to block farming operations because of typical farming impacts. Just be glad you don't live next to a dairy or a pig farm. If you can't put up with crop odors or tractor noises, nighttime operations, etc., maybe consider moving to the suburbs.

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