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We can’t say we’re thrilled to only pick three candidates for Redmond City Council. There are just too many people running who would likely be good. In fact, we don’t think Redmond voters can really go wrong.

Because we have to choose, we would recommend Ed Fitch, Ron Osmundson and Sharon Wedding.

Ed Fitch, 69, is an attorney, a former mayor and the former city attorney. That experience matters. He did not like the way Mayor George Endicott handled the most recent vacancy on the council. From the time the public found out about the vacancy to the time it was filled was less than a day. Fitch also would work to see an expansion of Central Oregon Community College’s Redmond branch and a business park on the former Juniper Golf Course land. We believe he is the strongest candidate among all of those running.

Ron Osmundson, 39, has run an emergency day care in Redmond for essential workers. That ticks a lot of the right boxes for the perspective a councilor should have. He is concerned as Redmond grows that it has adequate public safety and hopes the city will be able to add more police officers without raising taxes.

He has been very active trying to promote neighborhood watch groups. And he is interested in working together to find solutions for the town and not playing political games.

Shannon Wedding, 37, is a civil engineer and did that work for the city of Houston. There’s some very relevant experience. Her knowledge of planning and infrastructure will help set Redmond up well for the future. She said moving to Redmond was a no-brainer. She wants to fight to keep it as attractive and as close knit as it was to her and her family when they made the decision to move.

We did mean what we said about the other candidates. But we recommend from our interviews with the candidates votes for Ed Fitch, Ron Osmundson and Sharon Wedding.

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