We wish Oregonians had a hard choice to make in the race for state Attorney General. They do not. Re-elect Ellen Rosenblum.

It's not a legal requirement but Oregon's attorney general should be an attorney. Republican Michael Cross, 54, is not an attorney. He is perhaps best know for the mounting a failed recall of Gov. Kate Brown. We can't fault his strong statements for public records and his concern to ensure Oregonians are protected from abuses by the government. Where's the record of legal accomplishments that would suggest he would make a good attorney general? It's not there.

Rosenblum, 69, a Democrat, does have that record as an attorney, judge and as the state's attorney general. Her office has created change to curb police profiling and reduce hate crimes. She has worked to better ensure Oregonians get easier access to public documents. She took action a few years ago to ensure technology companies can only use education software for education purposes — not for gobbling up data about students. It's easy to go on. And that is very good news for Oregonians.

Vote for Rosenblum.

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