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When the pandemic started, we didn’t think we would be wearing a mask in the office in November of 2021.

The Oregonian raised an interesting issue recently. What metrics is the state using or should the state use to determine when to relax mask requirements?

The answer: The state apparently doesn’t have them.

Should the state have a metric or a series of metrics in mind when mask mandates no longer make sense? Would it be a benefit to lay that out in advance, so people know what to expect? The difficulty is, of course, it might not be easy to pick metrics not knowing what the future will really be like.

Gov. Kate Brown told us earlier this year when vaccinations were available that mask mandates would be over when 70% of adults were vaccinated. Cases surged again. The delta variant entered the picture, and that was over.

State officials say maybe when cases go down and COVID-19 isn’t surging again the state will relax requirements. That makes sense. Why not clearly lay out the criteria the state would use or explain why the state has no criteria?

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The reason there is no stated goal regarding discontinuing masks is because out governor is a poor, ineffective leader and s now trying to concentrate on climate change and ignore that “messy COVID situation”. The rest of the country has thrown away masks, opened their states, and is doing just fine. What happened to flattening the curve? Doing away with masks due to metrics? Vaccination levels? Now she just hopes we won’t look at the man behind the curtain. Worst governor EVER!


I say we just keep blindly doing what we are told without asking questions. It’s much easier to react out of fear until the fear passes or we forget where we are going.

Transitory Inflation

It needs to end. Residents have had time to make their choices. Surely a large majority want care rationing to end and for non-emergency procedures to restart. Since it seems everyone is OK with OR maintaining its status of having the fewest hospital beds per capita in the the nation, letting the virus burn through the remaining holdouts is the fastest way back to healthcare for all in central Oregon.

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