Amity Creek

The front entrance of Amity Creek after school in 2020.

The Bend-La Pine Schools may tweak its policies that cover where students go to school — access to special school programs and attending a school outside of the normal attendance area within the district. The possible changes aren’t major, but the district is giving an opportunity for parents and students to weigh in.

The district is proposing new language for its policy for access to what it calls its “Choice Options” including magnet schools, dual immersion programs and more. The former language of the policy stated that families “may submit an application for only one Choice Option.” If students didn’t get their first choice, they could ask to be placed on a list for another school. That language has been stripped out under the new proposed policy. Not a big change, perhaps. It might make it slightly easier for families eager to access a Choice Option program.

The new process for attending a different school than where a student would normally attend is going to be slightly altered, as well. It used to be that students whose primary residence was within the area of Bend High or La Pine High could attend either. That has been switched to the new Caldera High or La Pine High. Space and staffing available will still be considered. Student attendance, tardiness and disciplinary problems used to be considered as factors as grounds to revoke the approval of a switch. That language has been removed.

The changes in both policies are more detailed than we have summarized here. You can see the changes in these policies on the district’s website, The school board meets Tuesday night, starting at about 5:30 p.m. You can watch it here:

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