The daily schedule is posted at the low-barrier homeless shelter operated by Shepherd’s House Ministries in Bend on Aug. 17.

Transformation of Bend’s homeless situation won’t happen by magic. And it won’t happen at all unless managed camps and more resources are dedicated to preventing homelessness.

The city’s proposed managed camp near Bend High School faces all the challenges you would expect and perhaps more. Many nearby residents and others were sent reeling by the announcement that the camp may come.

And now they are looking for answers to questions that the city doesn’t have, yet. Questions and issues were raised at the city’s first meeting with a handful of representatives from the neighborhood a few days ago.

What will security be like at and around the camp?

How will children walking to and from school be protected?

Will some sort of limits be put on people who can stay there?

Will nearby streets be crowded with parking from people who are homeless?

Will the camp be made up of tents, RVs or more permanent shelters?

How long will the camp be there?

Will pets be allowed and will there be facilities for them?

Will residents of the camp be allowed visitors?

Bend High Principal Christopher Reese, who was at the meeting, ticked off examples even without the camp being located nearby of school lockdowns, people using the district’s electricity and coming into buildings to find shelter.

Of all the concerns raised, possible limits on who would be a suitable resident for the camp got us thinking the most. If only people who have no drug use issues or no mental health challenges are allowed to stay in this camp, where do those people with the greater challenges stay? That’s not an easy question to answer.

No plan may be good enough for some people whose children walk to school in the area or who live nearby. Until there is a clearer picture of how the camp will be managed, though, people will color in the lines for themselves.

The city does have some broad outlines for the camp. It says the camp would have temporary bathrooms, garbage service, camp rules, “a good neighbor agreement,” and admission criteria for the people who live there. But the details are not set.

The city would select a qualified service provider and work with the provider to refine the plans.

Bend city councilors know it already but this one is going to be on them. This camp could be a major step toward meeting the challenge of Bend’s homeless. Or it could fail spectacularly and be the example people cite again and again of why managed camps are not the solution in Bend. The city needs to get it right.

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How much personal responsibility do the homeless have for themselves versus the City of Bend versus the State of Oregon versus the federal government versus private social service entities? How do we hold each entity accountable relative to their responsibility?

What are the specific problems that we wish to solve by addressing the homeless and how much do those problems cost the public? What are the metrics and methods of measuring to verify if we are successful or not? What are the sources of funding and how much is available for maintenance? Is there a cost benefit analysis?

What are the things that can go wrong, broken down by category, with a campus in the location being proposed? What if we simply become a hub for the homeless to migrate to?

What are the demographics, mental health, legal history and medical backgrounds of the homeless? Based on this characterization, who gets in and who gets booted and who is going to enforce the rules? Do we have the necessary resources to deal with the barriers to success the homeless face?

My bias is that the Bend City Council demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the above issues and answers. Otherwise, dealing with the homeless could easily cause more harm than good. We should know the answers before we even start. Throwing money at a problem doesn’t solve problems.


Excellent questions!

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