Oregon’s housing crisis could rot the state’s future. When people can’t afford to live here, they will leave and others may not come.

Most places in the state, housing prices are beating previous peak prices. That’s even when you look at real dollars, stripping out inflation.

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"vicious" [whistling]


Wow, this is a developer's dream post: MORE development, MORE people, MORE money for developers, MORE money for Deschutes County tax base. It is truly a viscious and self-serving circle that will be detrimental to our community, while also filling the pockets of local good old boy/powers that be.

When will County building and planning officials recognize that INFILL ONLY must be the norm, NOT something like the Stevens Road Tract that wants to build homes for 2400 people, outside of the UBG, which means outside of services and infrastructure. And where will the water come from to serve all these new houses? It's ludicrous.

When will common sense and thoughts for future generations come into play, rather than the short-term grow, grow, grow mindset of our current "leaders"?

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