Redmond Mayor George Endicott has two challengers this election, Tanner Robertson, and Charles Baer.

Re-elect Endicott.

There is going to be perhaps not a new Redmond, but a changed Redmond. It will be a Redmond of many more people. The town is only growing more attractive. It’s got the regional airport. And just look at the difference in housing prices between Bend and Redmond.

Will families that live in Redmond find good jobs there or will they be driving to Bend? As the town grows will it keep that small town feel? Will it act now to ensure it has the infrastructure and the public safety in place to accommodate growth? Who among the candidates is best qualified to help the city find a way to work with the Oregon Department of Transportation and solve the issues with U.S. Highway 97?

Of the three choices for mayor the best person to lead the city through those issues is Endicott. He has been mayor for a dozen years. He is a skilled leader. He has built a strong record of accomplishment. Listen to him speak about the city’s future needs and there is a heavy weight of knowledge and experience behind it. Remember the last recession? Under Endicott’s leadership, the city was able to weather that without having to make cuts.

Robertson, 31, does offer something different. Robertson went to Redmond High School, attended West Point and then served in military intelligence for six years. He is an owner of General Duffy’s Waterhole taphouse in Redmond. He vows to bring fresh new leadership, but he would have a better chance of being effective if he had served on council first.

Robertson criticized the way Endicott filled the last vacancy on council. The appointment was over in a matter of hours with no chance for members of the public to apply. We don’t believe that was handled as well as it could have been, either.

Baer, 51, a cook, has run for office before in Bend. He supports an authoritarian policy that would dictate that women can only have one child — to reduce the human burden on the environment. It’s not something a Redmond mayor would have control over, but still, Baer should not get your vote.

We hope you support Endicott.

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