Wildfire damage in Gates, Oregon off Highway 22 in Marion County on Monday, Sept. 21, 2020. Wildfires ripped through the small town of less than 500 people a little over a week ago, destroying many homes and businesses. Sean Meagher/Staff

Oregonians helped out when the wildfires swept across the state in September. But the need for help is not over.

The Red Cross still has more than 1,000 Oregonians put up in 45 hotels, including in Redmond. That takes money.

The Red Cross has already done so much to help Oregon recover. Over the course of the disaster, the Red Cross provided resources to more than 10,000 families. It supplied 120,000 nights of shelter, 380,000 meals and snacks and 13,500 cleanup kits — shovels, brooms and so on — to help people recover.

More than 3,500 trained disaster responders from the Red Cross came to Oregon to help out. That also took money.

Many individuals, businesses and other organizations also pitched in. They likely won’t get the same recognition as the work of the Red Cross.

To them, we owe our thanks. We know, for instance, that Zydeco in Bend fired up its kitchens to help feed those displaced by wildfire.

We are certain there are many more examples we don’t know about. If you know of others, please tell the community about it in a letter to the editor — They deserve credit.

The Red Cross could use your donations. They won’t necessarily be targeted to this disaster, unless it is specifically designated. When people give during a disaster, it is often used for training and resources to be ready for the next one. Unfortunately the next one will come. Think about giving.

There is also another option. Across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic, blood drives have not been normal. Donations dropped. Blood can’t just be stored forever — it can only be kept for about 40 days with refrigeration. And every day, people get hurt. People need surgery. Those people need blood.

Please do what you can to help each other out. More information about the Oregon Red Cross is available here

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