Election Day in the United States, mail voting concept.

Over and over again these days election integrity comes up. People question if voter fraud swings elections.

It’s good to ask. But there’s a lot of information that Oregon’s elections are sound.

Remember former Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. He was a Republican. He looked into it. He was not the kind of guy to hide problems. When he was a legislator, he warned early on about problems with Cover Oregon, the state healthcare marketplace that floundered. When he was secretary of state, he issued the scathing audit that revealed the many problems with how Oregon takes care of foster children. But when he looked at the integrity of Oregon’s election system, he came away impressed.

Look at the information that is available. The Legislative Fiscal Office did a comprehensive review. There is good information available on the secretary of state’s website: sos.oregon.gov/elections/Pages/security.aspx.

It’s good to continue to ask if Oregon elections are secure and if enough is being done to ensure their integrity. But the answers are reassuring.

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Want to know where allegations of voter fraud in Oregon come from? Read ultra right blog Oregon Catalyst. Contributors Lars Larsen, Larry Huss, Regan Knopp and certainly their zany commenters write about voter fraud every issue. They especially target the bogeymen vote by mail and vote harvesting… with no evidence. But Oregon Catalyst doesn’t see the need for evidence.


People only keep asking if voter fraud swings elections if we keep seeing the same fraud claims over, over ad nauseam as started by Trump 8-10 months before the election and since then by his followers

This country has been looked upon as the gold standard with regards to our elections yet we let a yay who destroy that confidence.

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