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Congratulations to the Oregon Employment Department.

Eleven years after receiving the money to replace the outdated technology for jobless benefits, it has picked a vendor to do the upgrade, as The Oregonian reported.

Yes, it should have happened years ago. Maybe, it would have made sorting out benefits for the thousands of Oregonians still waiting much faster.

But the department has new leadership. It is moving forward. And although this contract is not finalized and it may be 2025 before the project is complete, this is progress.

If you can’t find it within yourself to congratulate the department, we understand. But if you could, pester your legislators and the governor to keep a better eye on what the department is doing. We know the devastation from the wildfires may be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. When nobody is watching the employment department closely, though, it has proven it can get way off track.

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Kate Brown was SOS when the federal funds were given to Oregon, this disaster along with others is due to her “leadership”.

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