Doctor makes vaccination to senior woman with surgical mask

Convincing people to get their COVID-19 vaccination can be a mix of art and science. Deschutes County did a survey in March to try to unlock some answers.

The findings weren’t that surprising. The basic assumption about any vaccine hesitancy are the three C’s : confidence, complacency and convenience. Confidence refers to vaccine effectiveness and safety. Complacency is the assumption that the risk is low or other things are just more important. And convenience is about how it takes time, effort and a jab in the arm to get vaccinated. The survey was conducted in early March, and 390 people were interviewed.

Among those who said they were unlikely to be vaccinated, long-term effects of the vaccine were a chief concern, followed by the government’s involvement in ensuring the vaccines were safe and the possibility of allergic reactions. People clearly preferred the idea of getting vaccinated in a more intimate setting such as a doctor’s office, rather than a mass vaccination clinic. Online sign-ups for vaccinations were seen as a barrier for older populations and for Latinos. Most people said they intend to comply with mask mandates even after they were vaccinated.

You have probably already made up your mind if you are going to get vaccinated or not. If you are leaning no, we respect your choice. Just think about if you should do it — not necessarily for yourself — but to help protect your friends and those you love.

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