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The Bend Value Inn purchased by the city for a homeless shelter is at 2346 NE Division St. in Bend. This photo was taken in May.

The Bend City Council got criticized again Wednesday night for the possible, managed homeless camp near Bend Senior High School and its policies toward the homeless.

It was told during Wednesday’s meeting it was not doing enough to help the homeless, not doing enough to inform the community, not doing the right thing by considering putting a camp near Bend High and promoting institutional racism because the camp will be near Bear Creek Elementary. And there was more.

Well, guess what? We expect that’s going to continue to happen.

If this was an easy problem for city government to solve, it would be done. Even if Bend had housing for every homeless person, the issue would not be solved. Even if Bend could provide services for every homeless person, the issue would not be solved. Solutions mean more dollars and services spent on the homeless. Solutions mean more facilities for the homeless. And dollars and services and facilities for the homeless are commitments some simply oppose and others will fight, especially if it impacts them.

Where are the people who support what city government is trying? It has purchased a hotel to serve the homeless. It is trying to identify land for RV parks.

It is working with the county to find more solutions. It is developing a navigation center to better deliver services to the homeless so they can improve their lives and not be homeless any more.

If you want to challenge the city’s efforts and proposals, do so. It’s your right. But there must be some of you who admire and respect the city’s efforts. City councilors and city staff deserve to hear that, too.

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Transitory Inflation

How many times in your life do you need to see the same theater to know the outcome? Everyone agrees homelessness is a problem, very few will support the solution.


Well if you know the solution, let's have it then. I personally would support a solution, but don't support solutions motivated only by good intentions, compassion and "Let's just do something" to show how much we care. If you are confident there is a solution, then point us to examples of success. Otherwise if there is no evidence, then it's more likely wishful thinking.

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