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These are our endorsements for the November 2020 election. They are recommendations for you to consider along with other pieces of information you use to make your decision. You can see many of our interviews with candidates at facebook.com/bendbulletin. Please vote.

President: Joe Biden

U.S. Senate: Jeff Merkley

Oregon Secretary of State: Shemia Fagan

Oregon State Treasurer: Tobias Read

Oregon Attorney General:

Ellen Rosenblum

U.S. Congress, 2nd District: Cliff Bentz

State senator for District 27:

Tim Knopp

State representative for District 54: Cheri Helt

State representative for District 53: Jack Zika

Ballot Measure 107, allow campaign finance limits: Yes

Ballot Measure 108, increase tobacco taxes: Yes

Ballot Measure 109, legalize psychoactive mushrooms: No

Ballot Measure 110, decriminalize small amounts of hard drugs and more money for addiction recovery by reducing revenues for other purpose: No

Deschutes County Sheriff:

Shane Nelson

Deschutes County Commissioner: Phil Chang

Deschutes County measure to allow new marijuana businesses to open: Yes

Deschutes Public Library bond: Yes

Bend City Council, position 1: Justin Livingston

Bend City Council, position 2: Anthony Broadman

Bend City Council, position 3: Chris Piper

Bend City Council, position 4: Rita Schenkelberg

Bend transportation bond: Yes

Redmond Mayor: George Endicott

Redmond City Council: Ed Fitch, Ron Osmundson, Shannon Wedding

Redmond school bond: Yes

Sisters City Council: Andrea Blum, Susan Cobb and Jennifer Letz

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Joe Biden. Why?


If you have to ask, you've been on the Fox News train too long.


Not surprisingly, you failed to provide an intelligent response to my question. Glad you found free Wi-Fi.


Aw Rock, I pay for my WiFi just like everything else. My groceries, my Visa card and even my taxes. Then there’s trump. He’s never been one to pay his way has he? Hey! How about that $750 tax bill he pays while you and I take up the slack along with quite a few other Americans. Gotta love his paying his way in our country. I suppose he just looks at you and I as “losers and suckers”.

Gotta love his record, or lack thereof with his campaign promises. Save mining jobs in coal country? Nope. Big gain in manufacturing jobs in Midwest? Big nope (looks like down approximately 180,000 in six key states). Too busy to play golf? Ha ha ha, about 300 rounds since taking office at an estimated cost of $105-140,000,000 to you and I Rock. How about that farm aid bailout due to his failed trade practices. Since 2018 another $66 Billion out of our pockets. That doesn’t include the number of farms that went bankrupt of course. Promised health care plan? Wait until after the election (and he said that almost 1.5 years ago). Less golf during that time could’ve maybe shown us a plan if he knew the value of work. Covid 19 leadership? 220,000 and counting dead, and many states surging again. Along with a new massive deficit addition, hey, so much winning with this guy.

Lastly, the constant lies, the continued attempts by him to punish those who don’t agree with him (see initial hold back of funds to CA from their massive fires) and the disruption of our elections because of this guy. Also his embracing the white “supremes” and qanon. And you question my intelligence.

Giant Lava Beaver

BuckeyeDuck, If you're the type of person interested in hearing both sides of a story before making a judgement, you should check out Rudy Giuliani's podcasts on the Biden laptop story. You can find it on youtube by searching "Rudy Giuliani's Common Sense".


Sure Giant. Rudy is the speaker of truth You keep believing that. BTW, I've got a good deal on the Brooklyn Bridge purchase for you. You can go visit Rudy.


LOL, the fake "scandal" that Rudy says he uncovered (with Russian disinformation) is that one of Biden's children did what Trump's children have been doing for the past 4 years.

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