Should people be able to walk into schools, colleges, city hall or other public buildings or other public spaces carrying concealed guns if they are properly licensed?

Senate Bill 554 would allow many public bodies to ban them.

In the right place in the right time and with the right training a person with a concealed weapon could maybe — maybe — stop something terrible from happening. That said, we would rather leave intervention with a gun to trained professional law enforcement than amateurs.

The bill would undoubtedly create problems for people with concealed carry licenses who believe they need it. As some testimony on the bill suggested, it could create a maze of prohibited zones to essentially make the license useless.

To say there are strong sentiments about this bill would be an understatement. You can check out the testimony yourself by searching out the bill on the Legislature’s website.

Tell your legislator what you think or write us a letter to the editor.

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The Bulletin might petition Oregon's lawmakers in Salem to step up and reveal for the public record how many of them, or members of their families, have a concealed weapons permit and why they obtained one.

You can't learn this information by PRR. But the individual can affirm her/his possession and reason for toting a concealed handgun...and if they currently do so at and in the capitol.

Now that would be good reporting and put a new light on this bill as well as why some "animals are more equal than others", as offered in "Animal Farm" by George Orwell.

What say you, Bulletin staff?

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