Residential duplex house

The image that many have of a home is a house with a yard. In 2019, Oregon took a firm step away from that with House Bill 2001. It ends single-family zoning.

It didn’t ban single family homes. It opens up more options in more areas. It basically allows duplexes on any lot zoned for residential. And it allows triplexes, quadplexes, cottage clusters and townhomes in areas zoned for residential use that allow for the development of detached single family dwellings.

Why? You know why. The housing crisis. In Bend, it’s acute. As the city says: “People working in retail and hospitality, teachers, nurses, ambulance drivers struggle to afford to live in Bend.” More housing options should mean more housing and likely more housing on less land. And that may just keep Bend’s rocketing housing costs from rocketing quite so much. It won’t change anything in some areas — those with existing CC&Rs, (covenants, codes and restrictions) or similar arrangements.

The city doesn’t have complete freedom in how it implements HB 2001. It’s state law. Bend must follow it. But there is some wiggle room about the language of the code amendments in Bend. Check out the city’s website about this, if you are interested and want to get involved. You can find it here:

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