Parking garage

A portion of the new access control system currently being installed at the entrance of Centennial Parking Garage in downtown Bend on Feb. 4.

Minimum parking requirements for buildings in Bend seem almost certain to be on their way out. At least, that was the impression we got from last week’s Bend City Council meeting.

Businesses and developers can’t start erasing parking lots, yet. Councilors did direct staff to bring forward plans for changing regulations.

Is it what Bend residents want? If it is what you want, you should tell councilors. If it is not, you should tell them that, too. Email councilors at Watch what happens at the city’s community building subcommittee for developments and details. That’s where this discussion seems to be headed next.

Less parking without other good options for people to get around town is asking for trouble. How easy is it right now for people to walk, bike or take the bus where they need to go? It’s not. That’s much more complicated and expensive for councilors to solve than changing city parking regulations.

The commitment from councilors to change parking regulations is clear. Where is the action to ensure it will be easy for everyone to get around?

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