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Love setting off your own fireworks? Worried about the new rules the city may put in place to allow more housing and less parking?

Both those topics are before the Bend City Council on Wednesday. The next few days could be one of your last chances to tell councilors what you think.

With Friday’s rain, a fireworks ban for the city of Bend might seem silly now. But you remember what it was like most of the summer. Dry. Hot. Unless you were liberally applying water to your lawn or plants, they may have turned to kindling.

The city put in place a fireworks ban before the Fourth of July — basically all amateur fireworks were prohibited. The city later extended that ban through Dec. 1. And every indication was when Bend City Councilors took that action, they a majority were interested in a permanent ban. Professional fireworks displays would still be allowed. Setting off firecrackers, sparklers and so on in your backyard or in the street would be prohibited. That’s what we expect the ban would look like. It may be different. One issue that has come up is what if any limitations would be put on sale of fireworks in Bend.

Then also on Wednesday, councilors are teed up to vote on new city regulations for housing. The idea is the changes will create more housing options and perhaps keep housing costs from rising as rapidly.

Basically a new state law, House Bill 2001, requires cities to make it so:

Duplexes are allowed wherever single family dwellings are allowed on a lot.

Triplexes, quadplexes, cottage clusters and townhomes are allowed anywhere zoning permits single family dwellings.

The city’s summary of the changes it would make is some 15 pages. Perhaps the most controversial is a reduction in minimum parking requirements on the lot. That may mean more parking on the street.

In both the case of a possible fireworks ban and these housing/parking changes, time is running out if you want to impact the decision by Bend city councilors. You can email them at

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