Natural gas pipeline

They aren’t coming for your gas stove in Bend. But some would like to take steps in that direction.

More than 300 people have signed a petition urging the Bend City Council to take action to require new homes to use electricity and not natural gas by 2025. And by 2040, it calls for 80% of all existing buildings, including residential, to have electric water heaters and electric heat.

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Pure and simple flippant disregard for what people want. People prefer to cook on gas stoves because they are far superior for cooking. Gas stoves do not fail to cook during a black out. Gas stoves can be converted to propane, allowing for off-grid living. These selfish ideologues don't care about any of that, they don't care at all what people want, they simply are living their quasi-religion by flippantly scr-e-wing people out of what they want.


More proof Bend is just another California liberal hole.


Bend should take a good look at a few things:

1. The actual emission reduction a ban will generate. Eugene did this and that worked out to be .1% by 2035.

2. Pacific Power's energy mix used in creating electricity. 56% from coal and 15% from natural gas.

3. The current % of new home construction permits that include gas and how a gas ban is going to effect the housing market.

4. Lastly, after gathering the data, ask the citizens.. don't ram it down their throats like Eugene did.


All good points... but how about simply that people prefer to cook on gas? Does no one care at all if something makes life better. Maybe it is worth that absurd 0.1%, which is highly debatable given where power comes from, transmission losses, and in the event we transition to low-efficiency wind/solar and the need for battery storage... much more questionable gains.

Maybe just let people have what they want?


Again, good luck transitioning existing commercial/industrial facilities from gas heat to electric.

Drive the downtown alleys and notice the gas manifolds serving the businesses. Then Google and count the commercial/industrial gas fired rooftop heating units adding the number of businesses with interior gas unit heaters or IR heating tubes.

Then calculate the cost to upgrade each business electrical service to accommodate new electric heat. Lastly, calculate the cost to increase electrical capacity throughout the city to achieve a "non-NG" city.

Conclusion? Not practical.


I think that is why these initiatives are mostly focused on bans/limits on new construction.

It might be even more effective to combine bans/limits on new construction with incentives for converting existing homes/facilities from gas to electricity.

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