Green homes

Selling a home in Bend may never be the same. It may be slightly more expensive and more hassle.

The payoff may be that Bend will be greener.

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Another mandate? This action does nothing, but increase the hassle and delay, as well as cost of buying a home. We have a great local company who will audit your home and give you recommendations for energy improvements. It’s up to the home buyer/owner to decide what can be done . A home energy score will not dictate the choice of buying a home when we have extremely low inventory!


This is the right direction but not far enough. New home construction must also meet strict standards for energy efficiency to get a certificate of occupancy. The HERS rating system is in use in at least 10 states already, including Texas, Florida, Colorado, Minnesota, the Carolinas, Virginia and Arizona. (So, not the liberal agenda someone will yell about.)

Transitory Inflation

'But it might encourage people to make improvements to homes.'

Benefit = in the realm of 'maybe'. Cost inflation with a municipal feel-good rider = guaranteed.

Smedley Doright

"Selling a home in Bend may never be the same. It may be slightly more expensive and more hassle."

The Sky is Falling, we have a housing crisis!!!!!

Let's make housing slightly more expensive!!!!!

Death by 1000 cuts.

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