Taxes ahead

A TUF may not be enough. The Bend City Council also wants residents to think about other tax options and how they should mix and mingle.

A transportation utility fee, a seasonal fuel tax and/or a targeted sales tax on food and beverage sales?

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I didn't see how much money the city is short by, so to ask which way to collect is irrelevant. If you put it on fuel, all the ev's don't contribute. Please do not put it on food, as it would hurt the less fortunate. What about just adding to property taxes? Every business, homeowner, short term rental would pay in to keep our city roads up.


“A TUF would not capture revenue from tourists.” Then go back to the drawing board and figure out what would capture tourists’ share of wear and tear to our City streets. It’s not a minimal amount.


county wide (not country)


If the County Commissioners don't participate in a country wide transportation district, once again urbanites will be subsidizing rural county residents every time they drive to Bend for groceries, jobs, school or entertainment.

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