It keeps on happening. The houseless are displaced in Deschutes County and there is no good place for them to go.

On any given night perhaps some shelter beds may be open somewhere. But some shelters don’t take just anyone. And the fact is there are not enough beds, enough options or enough treatment.

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Thank you Bend Bulletin editorial board. Commissioner Chang is staking out a courageous, but lonely, position. Will there be support coming for him from other elected officials. Commissioner DeBone misrepresents the construction scenario. County Director of Public Works Doty has publicly stated that the Hunnell community for now will not interfere with planned construction projects in the area. We can postpone the sweep until provisions can be made for the safe relocation and continuum of care for those on Hunnell. Cutting off their connections to services, care, and companionship will not do anyone any good.

Long and Variable

Glad to see the wheels turning and the council and commission working together on this.


Tony Debone is out of touch with voters across the sepectrum...a lack of compassion on homelessness, supporting the development of farmland and open space, and jeopardizing our water system for future generations.

Long and Variable

52% of Deschutes County voters disagree with you.


Who needs increased agricultural production? Instead, give us perpetual junkie camps scattered about, that's the true virtual signal of "compassion".

Long and Variable

Wait, you argue for more Ag production in this high desert? Why is that?

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